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Setting Up

Where can I enter my merchant information?

1 From the Manager screen, choose Location than management.
2 Locate the location and press edit.
3 You may test your account by pressing “click here to perform a test transaction”
4 You may also get your merchant info by calling Sam Segal at 917-414-3908

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I received the hardware. How do I set it up?

1 Make sure to plug your computer to a power outlet.
2 Connect the keyboard and mouse to your computer.
3 Plug the cash drawer to your printer.
4 Connect the printer to your computer’s usb port.
5 Connect your printer to a power outlet.
6 Connect your card swiper to your computer’s usb port.
7 Plug in other peripherals to your computer such as: fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, signature pad.
8 Drivers for the printer, fingerprint reader , card reader , and signature capture can be found in Nova under settings in the main login screen.

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Your Customers

How can I edit my customers?

1 From the manager screen, choose Customers than Management
2 Locate the customer you want to edit and press “Edit” (you may use the search option)
3 Make the necessary changes and press save
4 If you like to add a customer to a specific employee you need to attach an employee invoice to the customer

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How do I find a customer?

1 From the sales screen choose CRM.
2 Enter customer’s Email/phone number click Search.
3 select customer’s name and click open.

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How do I use the CRM to benefit my business?

1 Collect as much information as possible, top priority is email and phone number.
2 Create promotional Email campaigns, customer specific coupons based on purchase history, send your best customers gift cards to keep them coming back.

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