Printer Resource Information

Find your printer below (in black) and click on the associated Model number (in red). This will take you to the vender’s support page where you can download the applicable driver software for your printer. STAR TSP 100 , TSP 100IIU , SP200 , SP200-2 , SP212 , TSP200 , SP500 , SP512 , SP550II , TSP-600 , TSP-650 , TSP-700 SP2000 , dp-8340fm Bixolon SRP-275 , SRP-280 , SRP-350 , SRP-375P Citizen CBM-210 , CBM-220 , CBM-230 , CBM-231 , CBM-232 , CBM-233 , CBM-253 , CBM-262 , CT-S300 , CT-S310 CT-S2000 , CBM-1000 , iDP-460 , iDP-3210 , Read more

Block Windows Access

To block Windows Access, first click the “Settings” icon from the Nova login screen. Next, click the “Disable UAC” icon to temporarily disable User Account Control and allow Windows to be blocked. Now, locate any anti-virus software installed on the computer and temporarily disable it in order to continue with blocking Windows access. Lastly, click the “Settings” icon from the Nova login screen again, and select the “Block Windows Access” icon. Windows will now be blocked (don’t forget to grant internet permissions for allowed websites by clicking the “Internet” icon from the sales screen). To un-block Windows Access, simply click Read more

Recommended Hardware

For a full list of recommended hardware, please visit: http://www.novapointofsale.com/retail-hardware

Testing Credit Card Swipe Machine

Go to the Manager’s Screen. Choose “Locations” and “Settings.”   Locate the desired location and press “Edit.”   Click on the “Merchant Services” tab.   Fill in the requested merchant information, then click the blue button which says “Click here to perform a test transaction” and swipe a card.   The test will charge your card for $0.01.

Cash Drawer/Printer is Not Working

Check to see if the printer is on. Verify that all 3 cables are attached and secured (power to wall, cash drawer to printer, USB to computer). Make sure the printer is set as default printer via the control panel. Verify that the printer’s paper is not jammed or out of paper. Verify that the printer’s lid is closed all the way. If printer is working, but cash drawer is not opening, make sure the cash drawer is not locked with a key. Download drivers again from the main page under “Settings.”

Setting Up My Hardware

Make sure to plug your computer to a power outlet. Connect the keyboard and mouse to your computer. Plug the cash drawer to your printer (cable from cash drawer to printer looks similar to a phone cable). Connect the printer to your computer’s USB port. Connect your printer to a power outlet. Connect your card swiper to your computer’s USB port. Plug in other peripherals to your computer such as: fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, signature pad, etc. (if not enough USB ports on computer, it may be necessary to acquire a USB HUB). Drivers for the printer, fingerprint reader, card swiper, Read more

Error Message When Card is Swiped

Make sure you swipe the card correctly with the magnetic strip facing the correct side. Verify that there are funds in the account being used. Verify that the merchant information is correct via the manager screen under “Locations” and then “Settings.” Locate the location and press “Edit”, then click on the “Merchant Services” tab. Verify that your Internet is working and you are not in offline mode. Download drivers again from the main page under settings.

Touch Screen is Not Working

Press “Start.” Under programs, choose “Touch Pad” and then “Touch Tool.” Under the General tab press “9 pts. Linearization” or under the Advance tab press “25 pts. Linearization.” Follow the instruction on the screen.

Signature Pads Supported by Nova

Nova Pos supports the following signature pads: Topaz SigLite (USB): Topaz T-S460-HSB-R USB Electronic Signature Capture Pad Topaz SigLite LCD (USB): T-L460-HSB-R Electronic Signature Capture Pad Topaz SigLite LCD with back-light (USB): Topaz SigLite 1×5 LCD Signature Capture Pad T-LBK460-HSB-R

Installing the Star TSP100 Printer

Make sure all 3 cables (power to wall, cash drawer to printer, USB to computer) are connected to the back of the printer. From the login screen, choose “Settings.” Choose “Printer Drivers.” Choose “Download 32bit/64bit drivers.” Install drivers.