Adding customers to a location

If you would like to attach or move existing customers to a specific location to receive SMS messages, follow the steps below. From the Manager’s Screen go to Customers > Management. Click on CRM Settings. Click on the From and To drop-down and click Transfer.

Scheduling Appointments

From the Sales Screen, on the bottom row, click on the Appointments icon.   Sign in with your password to open your Calendar.   At the top of the calendar choose which Location and which date range you would like to view.   Double click on a specific date to add an Appointment.   Add in the name, details, dates/times and location of the appointment.  Be sure to attach the Customer as well.   At the top, you may make this a recurring appointment if this will be a weekly or monthly event.  You may also print an appointment slip Read more

Troubleshooting Email Campaigns using Gmail

Having trouble sending an Email Campaign through Nova using your Gmail?   Click this Link: Then choose the “Turn on” option.   Now your Email Campaign should go through.  If for some reason it still does not work click “Live Support” in the upper right corner of Nova for assistance.    

Benefits of Using CRM

Collect as much information as possible! Top priority is email and phone number. Create promotional email campaigns with customer specific coupons based on purchase history. Send your best customers a coupon code to keep them coming back!

Finding Customers in the CRM

From the Sales screen select the “CRM” icon on the bottom of the page. Enter customer’s first name/last name/email or phone number then click “Search.” Tip: You must type at least 4 characters into the search bar.   Select customer’s name and click “Open.”  

Editing Customers in the CRM

To edit customer information in the CRM: From the Manager screen, choose “Customers” and then “Management.” Locate the customer you want to edit and press “Open Customer” (You may use the search option). Make the necessary changes and press “Save.”  

Enabling Layaways and Layaway Settings

From the Manager screen, go to “Customers” and then “Layaways.” Click on the “Layaway Settings” icon at the top-right of screen. Layaway Options Enter in the “Minimum payment required” amount. Enter how many days to typically give your customers to pay off a layaway. Check the box if you would like the employee creating the layaway to have the option to change the expiration date. You may enter a Layaway Disclaimer which will be printed on the layaway receipt. Check all of the location boxes where layaway payments will be allowed to be taken. Click “Save.” Go to the Sales Read more

Using Fingerprints on Transactions

If you have a fingerprint device installed, you can swipe a credit card – and using the signature screen – you can add the customer’s fingerprint to the invoice. Click on the fingerprint logo on the top-right of the signature screen (signature screen will appear after swiping the credit card). Record the customer’s fingerprint with the fingerprint device. You may print the fingerprint image by going to the Manager screen, choosing “Accounting”, then “Payments” and then click “Print Fingerprint.”

Sending Email Campaigns

From the management scree choose Customers > Email Campaign Select the customers you would like to include in the campaign and click “Next.” Build your email campaign and include: a subject, attachments and an email body. Click “Next.” Choose to Send your E-mail from either a gmail account or SMTP server. When you are finished click “Send Campaign.” If you are having trouble sending a campaign via Gmail Click Here.