Viewing User Payroll Changes

The Payroll Changes report allows you to view changes made to employee’s hours. Tip: To access the Payroll Changes Report you must have Secretary or Regional Manager access and above.  Under User Access Levels in Custom Roles in the Secretary section you may also find a check box for Payroll Changes. On the Management Screen choose Users > Payroll Changes   Choose the desired date range at the top to view Payroll Changes.  On the right side click “Open User Report” to make changes to the log.   In User Report you may make any necessary changes.      

Inventory History

Snapshots of your Inventory will be taken automatically.  You may choose if you would like them Daily or Weekly. On the Management Screen go to Inventory and click “History.”   In the upper right corner click “Settings.” Pick your Time Zone. Then choose if you would like the history to be logged daily or weekly.   Choose the date of the report you would like to see and click “Open.”   Each log may be printed or exported to Excel.  

How to Handle a Chargeback

In the event of a chargeback, a bank will request that you send them certain information. One piece of information is usually a copy of the credit card receipt. To reprint a credit card slip inside Nova, follow the instructions below:   On the Management Screen go to Accounting and choose Payments .   Use the Date Range and Filters at the top to search for the transaction.   Once you have found the transaction click “Print Signature” to print a copy of the Credit Card slip.    

Export Check In/Out Times to ADP

Export your employees Check In/Out Times to ADP Human Resources Software by following the steps below:   On the Management Screen go to Users and Salary Report.   At the top of the User Salary Report set the date range to fit the desired time frame.  Then click on the Check In/Out Times Tab on the right.   Once you are seeing the desired information click the blue  button.

The Real-Time Dashboard

The Real-Time Dashboard is a report for Full Owners and Partial Owners. Regional Managers may also view all information with the exception of Profit and Expenses. It may be viewed from the Sales Screen, Manager’s Screen, and Mobile App. From the Sales screen, click on “Dashboard” on the top toolbar. From the Manager screen, click the “Real-time Dashboard” icon located at the bottom of the screen.   Choose between Regions or view all Regions for up to date reports on Location sales and activity.

Viewing Total Net Profit

There are 2 options to see Total Net Profit: Option 1 Press “Real-Time Dashboard” either on the Manager screen or on the Sales screen. Choose the “Region” and date (You may see total profit in all regions by checking the box saying “Show all regions”).   Option 2 Via the Manager screen, choose “Accounting” and then “Profit/Loss Report.” Choose “From date” and “To date” and press the “Load” icon (You may see total profit in all regions by checking the box saying “Show all regions”).

Viewing Cash Register Activity

From the Manager Screen choose Locations > Cash Register Activity   Choose a date range and click the “load” icon.

View the Daily Count

From the manager screen, choose “Inventory” and then “Daily Counts.”  Choose the desired dates (From Date → To Date) and press the refresh icon to load.  Locate the name of the location and the date you want to review and press “Open Count” or “Open Category Count” if the count was by Category. If there was an Error in the count, you may update the inventory to match what the employee counted by clicking the “Fix” button and saving. You may then report those items as a loss.  

Viewing & Managing Invoices

You have three options: Option 1 From the Manager Screen, choose “Accounting,” and then “Invoices.” Choose the region, desired dates (From date → To Date) and then press “Load Invoices.” Locate the invoice you want to view and press “Open Invoice” (note: you may use the search option). Option 2 From the Sale Screen choose the option “Receipts.” Enter the invoice number and press “Search.” Option 3 Either from the Manager Screen or from the Sale Screen choose “The Real-Time Dashboard.” Choose the region (or checkmark “ Show All Regions”) and choose the desired date. You can find all invoices Read more

View Sales by Payment Methods

From the Manager Screen choose Accounting > Payments.   Select your desired date range. Then click the “Load” button.