Sales Screen

Signing In with the Fingerprint Device

After recording the employee fingerprints for the first time, signing in with fingerprint will be possible. Choose the option “Clock In/Out” from the sales screen. Place employee finger on the scanner.

Allow Sales with No Selected Employee

From the Management Screen, choose Locations > Settings. Select the location and choose “Edit.”   Choose the Location Preferences tab and check the option for “check this box to allow sales with no selected employees.   Click Save in the bottom left corner. Now the sales process will be faster.

Making Business Cards

From the Sales screen select “Business Card.” Select the employee’s name from the list. Add your personal notes and information.   Print your business card.   Tip: The amount of information shown may be altered in the Manager’s Screen – Location Settings – Extra Features – Business Cards

Using the Chat Feature on the Sales Screen

From the Sales screen choose the “Chat” icon in the bottom left corner. Type your message in the grey text bar and press “Enter.”   Sign in with your password   The message will then be displayed on: The sales screen The Real-time dashboard, The Sales Screen of other Locations in the same region The Mobile App.   Tip: Chat messages sent from the mobile app can be seen on the Sales Screen.

Locking the Station

From the Sales screen choose the “Lock Station” (icon is located at the top right of the screen). Station is locked.   To unlock, click “Unlock” and sign in with your password.

Printing the End of Day Report

From the Sales screen choose “Reports” (icon is located at the top of the screen). Make sure location name and date is correct. Choose “Print End of Day” from the top-right corner.

Taking Money Out of the Cash Drawer

From the Sales screen choose “Cash Drawer” (icon is located at the top of the screen). Sign in with your password. Select option “Take Money Out.” Select amount to take out either by counting out the number of each bill/coin in the drawer or simply type the amount into the “Amount to take out” box and press “Submit.”  

Online Support

Nova Pos offers 24/7 online technical support. To contact our tech support department, simply click on the “Live Support” icon located on the top right-hand corner of every Nova screen or by phone: 1-888-370-6682 Available 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week.

The Internet Connection is Down

If the internet connection is lost, Nova will go into offline mode, you can continue making sales. Once your internet connection is restored, Nova will automatically sync your sales.