Sales Screen

Giving a Gift Card for Free

On the Sales screen, press the “Gift Cards” icon (located on the bottom of screen). Choose “Sell a new Gift Card.” Enter the gift card amount into the Gift Card Value box. For the gift card price, over-ride with $0 (for FREE) and press “Add.” This option will only work if there is enough “spare” in the sale to cover the cost of the gift card. Otherwise a manager authorization will be required.

Changing the Expiration Date of a Gift Card

From the Manager screen choose “Locations” and then choose “Settings.” Choose your location and click on “Edit Location.” Go to the “Location Preferences” tab. Type in the desired expiration date for “Default Gift Card Expiration.”

Swiping a Card and Getting an Error Message

Reset the API transaction key through Double check that the account is active. Verify with your merchant that you are able to accept specialty cards (for example American express and discover).

View Existing Competition

The competition feature motivates Employees or Teams to sell more in order to be in 1st place. Tip: Up the ante by offering incentives for the winner or simply allow them to compete for bragging rights.   From the Sales Screen, select “Competition,” located on the bottom toolbar, second from the left side.     To set up the competition feature please visit Setting Up Competitions  

Using the “Spare” from a previous sale

From the Sales screen, select the item(s) that the customer wants to purchase. Over-ride the price amount of the item(s) to the new (lower) price. Must be less than the minimum price to require a “spare.” The “minimum price alert” window will open with an error “Cannot Complete Sale.” Select the “Attach invoice” option and enter in the relevant invoice number (with spare value) and click ‘attach invoice’ to utilize it’s spare.     If the old Spare amount is enough to overcome the deficit of the new discount, than the sale will be approved.

What to Do When a Credit Card is Swiped via Nova Merchant and the Screen Freezes

If an approval number was not generated via the merchant (using Nova Credit Card swiper), then the transaction did not go through. Redo the sale. If an approval number was generated via the merchant, than the transaction did go through, but it was not registered in Nova nor was an invoice created (Remember, all sales in Nova are complete only after you press “Sale Complete”). Remember to write down the approval number on a piece of paper. Unfreeze the screen (Either by restarting Nova or restarting your PC); you will need to redo the sale on Nova. Choose option “External Read more

Removing Tax from a Product or Service

After adding an item to the Sales screen shopping cart, click the “Discount” icon. Choose “Tax Exempt.” User must have authorization to approve a tax exempt sale. Notice: user must have “Allow Tax Exempt Sales” box checked under manager’s screen→users→settings→edit user→user access levels.

Emailing a Receipt to the Customer

When completing a sale, instead of printing a receipt, choose the “Email” or “Print & Email” option Add in the customer’s E-mail Address   Tip: If you are unable to click on Email or Print & Email: Go to the Management Screen > Location Settings > Location Information > Contact Information and in the Email Address field, enter the Email Address you would like the receipts to be sent from. Then Save.

Delete a Sale/Invoice

You must be a full owner to delete a sale/invoice. From the Manager Screen, choose “Accounting” and then “Invoices” (You may also locate the invoice on the Real-Time Dashboard if you know the date of the sale). Choose the region and desired dates, (From date → To Date) and then press “Load Invoices.” Locate the invoice you want to edit (You may use the search option) and press “Open Invoice.” Choose the tab “Edit Invoice Data” and confirm your request by pressing “Delete” (You will be required to enter username and password).

Making a Layaway

From the Sales screen, after adding the desired products to the shopping cart, choose the “Layaway Option” before clicking “Complete Sale.” Select “Add New Layaway.” Enter the payment amount received today and continue completing the sale. The payment must be as much or more than the minimum in parenthesis. Tip: The minimum dollar amount taken at the time of the layaway can only be changed in the Management Screen.   The Customer’s information must be taken. Complete sale.