Sales Screen

Updating The Inventory

From the Manager Screen choose “Inventory”. Choose “Management”. Select the Region you want to update products from.  Select the Location  Click “Load Inventory” Select the third tab from the left, “Update Inventory”. By default, you will only see products with inventory at the chosen location. Click on “Quantity To Add/Remove” to update quantities. As shown in the example below: Product ID 3 we are Adding an additional 2 more Milk Cleansers to the current quantity. Product ID 8 we are Removing 1 eye serum from the current quantity. For any products that do not need an inventory update, just skip over Read more

Removing a Product

On the Manager screen choose the option “Inventory” and then “Management.” Locate the item you want to remove (You may use the search option) and click the “Remove” button (This option will take the item out of the inventory and off of the sales screen, but the product will remain in product management). You may also remove the item from the product list by going to “Products” and “Settings”, opening the item and un-checking the “Active Product” box).

Making an Exchange

Non-Fixed Price Exchange: On the Sales screen click the item you would like to return. Press “Exchange”   Choose to either return the item to the Inventory to sell again or report it as damaged if it is not prepared for resale.   Options:  If the item was damaged and the customer is taking an item of the same or equal value, simply select the product and change the “Price per item” to Zero.   If the customer would like a product that is less money please refund the first item and then make a new sale for the second Read more

Receiving Inventory Transfers

From the sales screen, click the “Inventory” icon at the top of the screen. Select the “Receive Inventory” tab and click “Receive Transfer” next to the new Transfer. Tip: There is an exclamation point (!) to let you know a new inventory transfer is waiting.      Enter the number of counted products into the “Quantity Received” column. Then click “Save” at the bottom.    

Freezing a Sale

From the Sales screen select the option “Freeze Sale” (icon is located at the bottom of the screen). The frozen sale is now located towards the top of the sales screen as a tab. Switch between several different sales as needed.     Tip: You may have several sales frozen at once.    

Using a Coupon

On the sales screen, first add the selected items to the shopping cart. Then click the “Coupons” icon and scan/enter the coupon code or select the coupon from the list. The coupon will be applied to the applicable products on the shopping cart. Complete the sale.

Giving Discounts

Here are two ways to give a discount: Option #1 On the Sales Screen, select a product, then click on the “Discount” icon. Tip: a discount may also be given by manually lowering the price in the “Price per item” box.   Choose either the percentage or dollar icon and enter your discount value       Option #2 On the Sales screen, first add the selected items to the shopping cart. Press the “Discount” icon (located on the bottom-right of screen). Choose discount type (percentage or dollar). Enter the discount value and press “Add”. You will now see the Read more

Reporting a Tester or Damaged product

There are 2 options for reporting a Tester, Damaged, or Lost item. Option 1 On the sales screen, choose “Inventory.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”   Option 2 On the Manager’s Screen, choose “Inventory and Management.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill in the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”

Creating a Gift Card

On the Sales screen, press the “Gift Cards” icon (located on the bottom of screen). Choose “Sell a Gift Card.” Enter a gift card value and a gift card price and press “Add.” Gift card will print at the end of sale with a unique code.

Using a Gift Card

On the Sales screen, press the “Gift Cards” icon (located on the bottom of screen). Select the “Use Existing Gift Card” option. Enter the unique gift card code located on the customer’s gift card and press “Locate.”   Once Nova finds the gift card, choose the amount to charge and press “Charge Card.”   Complete the sale.   Tip: If the customer is missing their Gift Card, read Locating a Gift Card to find it.