Sales Screen

Inventory Counts by Category

At the top of the Sales screen, click on the “Inventory” icon. In the Inventory Management screen, click on the “View Inventory By Category” tab. Enter the Count for each Category Click on Submit Count

Assigning a Role / Dividing a Sale by Percentage

Assigning a Role and Splitting a Sale by Percentage For information on Splitting Commissions by Exact Amounts please visit Editing Commissions/Splitting a Sale Unevenly   On the Receive Payment Screen choose the Users involved in the sale by clicking on their names. The border around their name should highlight in Blue.   Next, click on the empty box next to one of the Users names.   Choose a Role, either “Greeter” or “Trainer”, then enter the percentage amount this user will receive for this sale. Tip: It does not matter which person is the Greeter or Trainer, you may choose whatever makes Read more

Viewing & Managing Invoices

You have three options: Option 1 From the Manager Screen, choose “Accounting,” and then “Invoices.” Choose the region, desired dates (From date → To Date) and then press “Load Invoices.” Locate the invoice you want to view and press “Open Invoice” (note: you may use the search option). Option 2 From the Sale Screen choose the option “Receipts.” Enter the invoice number and press “Search.” Option 3 Either from the Manager Screen or from the Sale Screen choose “The Real-Time Dashboard.” Choose the region (or checkmark “ Show All Regions”) and choose the desired date. You can find all invoices Read more

Opening the Store

From the Sales Screen, choose option “Clock In/Out.” Select option “Check In.” Select the Employee name from the list and click “Sign In.” From the Sales Screen, select “Cash Drawer” and sign in with you employee name. Select “Cash Count.” Count the cash amount that you would like to start your day with or if you left money in the drawer the night before you may count that too. Click “Submit” when you are done. Tip: You may either count out each individual coin or bill and enter it in the corresponding space or simply type the total into the Read more

Closing the Store

  Print End of Day Report From the Sale Screen choose the option “Reports.” Press “Print End of Day Report” in the upper right corner. Note: Pressing “Print End of Day Report” does not create a batch or “Z” (close your day), so you may print this report as many times as you would like. Nova system will automatically “Z” (close your day) and create a batch every day at 12:01 am.   Tip: When printing the End of Day Report, Nova will automatically open Cash Drawer options to allow for Taking Money Out. Take Money Out Select option “Take Read more

Making a Sale

On the sales screen, select the product you would like to sell. Then enter the quantity to sell and click “Add” to add the item to the shopping cart. Click “Complete Sale.” Now select the employee who performed the sale or click on “Select All” to select all of them. Choose the method of payment the customer is using. Click “Print”, “Email” or “Print and Email.”  

Finding Customers in the CRM

From the Sales screen select the “CRM” icon on the bottom of the page. Enter customer’s first name/last name/email or phone number then click “Search.” Tip: You must type at least 4 characters into the search bar.   Select customer’s name and click “Open.”  

Making a Refund

There are 2 options to make a refund: Option 1 At the top of the Sales screen, click the “Receipts” icon. Enter the invoice number end press “Search.”   Click on the ‘Refund’ icon. Choose between “Refund Entire Invoice” and “Refund Some Products.”  If a refund is being issued on the Entire Invoice the “Available Items” will automatically be transferred to the “Items to Refund” area, Simply click “Next.”   If a refund is only being issued on Some Products, select the products using the arrow buttons in the middle to refund, then click “Next.”   Choose the payment method Read more

Editing Commissions / Splitting a Sale Unevenly

How to Edit Commissions during or after a sale and Split Commissions Unevenly  For information on assigning User Roles or splitting a sale by percentage go to Assigning a Role/Dividing a Sale by Percentage   Once on the Receive Payment Screen choose the employee(s) that partook in the sale by click on their names. You will see the box around their names highlight with a blue border. This will split the sale evenly between the selected employees.   To split the sale manually into specific amounts, click directly in the “Amount for commission” boxes highlighted in yellow and change the numbers Read more

Sales Below the Minimum Price

There are 3 methods for approving a sale below the minimum price.   Sign in as a manager to approve the sale.  Attach a previous invoice to the sale and use the “spare” amount from the invoice to make up for the price difference.   Send a Request to the Manager by Phone or E-mail to approve the Sale. Tip: For help setting up Option C. Click Here.