Products & Inventory

Creating Automatic Purchase Orders

First you have to make sure you have these 4 requirements: • Set minimum and maximum capacities for your location inventory. Under Inventory, go to: Management > View Inventory by Item. • Make sure your products are linked to a wholesaler. Under Products go to: Settings. • Have a Gmail account: i.e.: • Have the wholesaler email address information. From the Manager Screen choose “Inventory.” Choose “Automatic Purchase Orders.” Select your wholesaler. Select your locations. Click “Next.” Review quantity to order, click “Next.”   Tip: At the bottom of this page you may view your Estimated Cost Price.   Read more

Hiding Prices and Discounts on a Receipt

From the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings Select the location and choose “Edit Location.” Choose the “Location Information” tab and scroll to the bottom of the screen.   To Hide individual product prices: Un-check option: “Show individual product prices on the receipt.” To hide discounts: Un-check option: “Show individual product discounts on the receipt.” Click “Save”.

Including the Tax in the Product Price

Login to Manager screen. Choose “Location.” Choose “Settings.” Select the location and choose “Edit Location.” Choose “Location Preferences”. Check option: “Include tax in the product price.” Click “Save.”

View Inactive/Deleted Products

From Manager Screen, choose “Products” and then choose “Settings.” Select “Inactive Products.”

Linking a Product to a Wholesaler

Login to Manager Screen. Choose “Products.” Choose “Settings.” Select the product and choose “Edit.” Under wholesaler, from the drop down box, select the wholesaler you want to link to the product. or add a new wholesaler under “Edit Available Wholesalers.” Click “Save.”

Changing the Button Color of a Product

Login to Manager Screen. Choose “Products.” Choose “Settings.” Select the product and choose “Edit.” Under Button Color, from the drop down box, select the color you want to apply to the product based on product’s popularity. Click “Save.”

View Product Reports

Login to Manager Screen. Choose “Products.” Choose “Reports.” Select a product and date range. Review your product report.

Creating Labels in Nova

Make sure you have purchased and installed the Dymo 450 label printer.  If you have questions or need help installing your Label Printer please either click “Live Support” or call 1-888-370-6682 Also Make sure you are in New Nova.  To check that you are in New Nova, on the Home Screen make sure it says “Go to Nova Classic.”   On the Management Screen choose “Products” and “Labels and Price Tags”   First, choose the Location you would like to print Labels for.   Then, choose from 4 different label sizes: 1 1/8″ x 3 1/2″ 3/4″ x 2″ 3/8″ Read more

Creating and Using Price Lists

Price Lists are a way to have different prices at each of your locations or to create temporary prices in the case of a holiday or sale. From the management screen choose “Products” and then “Price Lists.” Click on “Add New Price List.” Type your Price List name into the large box.   Edit your prices by:   Clicking “Change price for all products”, choosing what you would like to change and then clicking ‘Update now.”   Clicking inside the individual boxes on the screen and changing the prices or using the check boxes.  Assign your price list to a Read more