Products & Inventory

Setting a Barcode for Products

From the Manager Screen, choose “Products” and then “Settings.” Locate the product you want to add a barcode for and press “Edit.” Enter in a product barcode number under either Barcode 1 or Barcode 2. Make sure “Active Product” is marked and press “Save”. To create computer generated barcodes, simply click the “Generate Barcodes” button at the top of the “Product Settings” screen and then click “Yes.”

Receiving Inventory Transfers

From the sales screen, click the “Inventory” icon at the top of the screen. Select the “Receive Inventory” tab and click “Receive Transfer” next to the new Transfer. Tip: There is an exclamation point (!) to let you know a new inventory transfer is waiting.      Enter the number of counted products into the “Quantity Received” column. Then click “Save” at the bottom.    

Creating a Coupon

On the Manager screen choose “Products” and then “Coupons.”   If the coupon has already been created, choose it from the list. If not, press “Add New Coupon.”   Choose your desired coupon time, Items or Total Sale.  Then create a Coupon Name, Code, and Expiration Date.   Choose your products/categories, then pick Sales Discount or Percentage Discount and fill in the discount amount. Offering a Store Credit is like adding a new spare to the sale and can be used to offer.   You can now use the coupon on the Sales screen.

Linking Existing Barcodes

Login to Managers Screen. Choose “Products.” Choose “Settings.” Select the product and choose “Edit.” Under Barcode 1, type in the product’s barcode. Click “Save.”

Editing a Product’s Details

From the Manager Screen choose “Products” and then choose “Settings.” Go to the desired product and click on “Edit.” Under product information edit the product’s information and price. Click on “Save” when done.

Colors of the Transfer Screen

White – Transfers received or cancelled. Yellow- Inventory Transfers sent from one location to another. Red- An in-discrepancy between quantities sent and quantities received.

Reporting a Tester or Damaged product

There are 2 options for reporting a Tester, Damaged, or Lost item. Option 1 On the sales screen, choose “Inventory.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”   Option 2 On the Manager’s Screen, choose “Inventory and Management.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill in the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”

Setting up Product Commissions

From the Manager Screen choose “Products” and then choose “Settings.” Either create a new product or edit a current one. Scroll down to Commission Policy. Here you will have 3 Options: Regular Commission – This is the default setting, this means whatever you have set your employees to receive for commission(Steps, Flat, etc.) in Users Settings that is what they will receive. No Commission – This means no commission is given when this specific product is sold. Extra Commission – This is the Product Commission. Simply fill out the commission percentage amount which should be given when this product is Read more

View Testers and Losses

From the Manager Screen, choose Inventory > View Testers and Losses.   Select your desired date range and click on the load icon.

Adding Categories to Products

From the Manager screen, choose “Products” and then “Settings.” Locate the product you would like to edit (You may use the search option) and press “Edit.” Click the “Edit Available Categories” link. Add a category name in the field that says “Add a category”, click the green, plus-sign to add and then click “OK.” Select the newly created category and press “Save.”