Allowing Employees to Edit Hours

Part 1: Setting up access to edit hours Part 2: Editing Hours as an employee   Part 1: Setting up employee access to edit hours: On the Management Screen go to Users > Settings and choose the employee.   Scroll down to User Access Levels and click on “Custom Roles: Advanced.”   Under “Secretary” check off “Edit Hours.” Then at the top make a “Role Name” and click Save.   Be sure to check off the new role in addition to the employee’s other roles. Then click “Save.” ————————————————————————————————– Part 2: For an employee to edit their hours At the Read more

Viewing User Payroll Changes

The Payroll Changes report allows you to view changes made to employee’s hours. Tip: To access the Payroll Changes Report you must have Secretary or Regional Manager access and above.  Under User Access Levels in Custom Roles in the Secretary section you may also find a check box for Payroll Changes. On the Management Screen choose Users > Payroll Changes   Choose the desired date range at the top to view Payroll Changes.  On the right side click “Open User Report” to make changes to the log.   In User Report you may make any necessary changes.      

Add Minutes to First Clock In/Last Clock Out of the Day

Setting up how to pay your store Opener and Closer for the extra time they spend opening and closing the location.  From the Management Screen open Location Settings. Then click “Edit Location.”   Choose the Location Preferences tab, then scroll down to the “Users” section.   Check off either or both of the boxes and enter the amount of extra minutes to pay the first and last employee of the day.

Setting up Commissions

How to set up commissions for employees: commission steps flat commission On the Management Screen choose Users and Settings then open the User who’s salary you would like to set up.   Scroll down to User Salary.   Commission Steps Check off the Commission Steps box and begin filling out your steps. The “From($)” column will automatically start from zero in the first step. In the “To($)” column enter the dollar amount the step should end at. In the “Commission(%)” column enter the commission percentage the employee should get if a sales total falls within this step. Please note that the Read more

Setting up Automatic Check Out

How to set up Automatic Check Out for one of your Locations: From the Management Screen open Location Settings. Then choose the Location Preferences tab. Under the “Security” section there is a new check box. “Automatically check out employees at this location after:” Check off the check box and fill in the time to automatically clock out your employees. You may also click on the clock icon:

Setting Up Base Salary

Base Salary can either be in addition to other salary options such as commissions or it may stand on its own. On the Management Screen, go to Users Settings and either add a new user or edit a current user. Scroll down to User Salary and find the check box for “Base Salary” First, check off the box for Base Salary and add a dollar amount. Next, choose Weekly or Monthly depending on your desired time period followed by a day of the week or a day of the month. Lastly, choose which location the employee should be payed for. Read more

View or Edit Employees’ Work Hours

From the Manager screen choose “Users.” Choose “Reports.” Next to “Selected User,” choose an employee name. Choose your date range. Click on the “Load” icon. .   To Add or Edit an Employee’s hours, follow the directions below: First click the “Add a Day” button. Next choose the Date, number of hours, and location. Then click the “Add” button.  You will see the information added to the “Hours and Hourly Salary by Day” box. Now click “Add Check in/out.” Now enter in either a Clock In Time, Clock Out Time, or both depending on your needs. Then click “Add.” Be Read more

Editing Commissions / Splitting a Sale Unevenly

How to Edit Commissions during or after a sale and Split Commissions Unevenly  For information on assigning User Roles or splitting a sale by percentage go to Assigning a Role/Dividing a Sale by Percentage   Once on the Receive Payment Screen choose the employee(s) that partook in the sale by click on their names. You will see the box around their names highlight with a blue border. This will split the sale evenly between the selected employees.   To split the sale manually into specific amounts, click directly in the “Amount for commission” boxes highlighted in yellow and change the numbers Read more

Changing an Employee’s Password

From the Manager screen, choose “Users” and then “Settings.” Locate the employee you want to edit and press “Edit User” (Make sure “Active User” is checked at the top right-hand corner). Under “User Information”, make the necessary changes to the employee’s password and press “Save.”

View an Employee’s Salary

From the Sales Screen, click on the “My Report” icon on the bottom of the screen. The employee will need to sign in. Choose desired dates and click the “Load” icon. The employee will need to right-click on the “My Reports” tab to close it when done.