Location Settings

Allowing Tips at a Location

The Tip Feature is only available when swiping credit cards through Nova using a Merchant Gateway. Setting Up Tips in Nova On the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings and open your Location.   Under the Location Information Tab, in the Receipt Options at the bottom, check off “Allow Tip.” There is also an option to have a Default Tip.    

Setting Up My Location

From the Manager Screen choose “Locations.” Choose “Settings.”   Choose your location from the list and click on “Edit Location.”   Start under Location Information tab. Fill in all the information about your location (Address, Mall Name, Tax Info). This information will appear on your receipt.   Move to Location Preferences and check the boxes that correspond to your location.   Move to Merchant Services tab and choose between an external credit card machine or a built in credit card reader and fill out the information from your merchant service provider.   Move to Extra Features tab. Under the Nova Read more

Downloading Nova

To download NovaPOS, simply launch your browser and go to http://pos.novapointofsale.com/novapos/release/setup.exe

Setting Up My Hardware

Make sure to plug your computer to a power outlet. Connect the keyboard and mouse to your computer. Plug the cash drawer to your printer (cable from cash drawer to printer looks similar to a phone cable). Connect the printer to your computer’s USB port. Connect your printer to a power outlet. Connect your card swiper to your computer’s USB port. Plug in other peripherals to your computer such as: fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, signature pad, etc. (if not enough USB ports on computer, it may be necessary to acquire a USB HUB). Drivers for the printer, fingerprint reader, card swiper, Read more

Enabling Layaways and Layaway Settings

From the Manager screen, go to “Customers” and then “Layaways.” Click on the “Layaway Settings” icon at the top-right of screen. Layaway Options Enter in the “Minimum payment required” amount. Enter how many days to typically give your customers to pay off a layaway. Check the box if you would like the employee creating the layaway to have the option to change the expiration date. You may enter a Layaway Disclaimer which will be printed on the layaway receipt. Check all of the location boxes where layaway payments will be allowed to be taken. Click “Save.” Go to the Sales Read more

Cash Drawer Management Options

From the Manager Screen, choose “Locations.” Choose “Settings.” Select your location and click on “Edit Location.” Select the second tab, “Location Preferences.” Under Security there are 2 check boxes which allow for 3 options.   By clicking “Enable cash count” you are allowing anyone with Sales Representative access to perform Cash Counts.  This is when the money in the drawer is counted and logged.   By clicking “Open cash drawer ONLY after a sale has been made” Everyone including the Full Owner will be blocked from performing a Cash Count and the drawer will only be opened in the event Read more

Setting Up Competitions

From the Manager Screen, choose “Locations.” Choose “Settings.” Select your location and click on “Edit Location.” Select the fourth tab, “Extra Features.” Select “Competition.” Choose the desired competition from the list and select the competition timeframe. Teamwork motivations allows for several Locations to compete against one another. Individual motivations allows for individual employees within a location to compete against one another. Choose how long your Competition Timeframe will last before restarting by clicking “Daily”, “Weekly”, or “Monthly” Select Regions to allow locations from multiple regions to compete against each other. Select the number of Employees or Locations viewable on the Read more

Tool Tips (Little Question Marks)

By clicking on these question marks, you will get a brief explanation about the feature or option next to the question mark sign.

Viewing Cameras

From the Manager Screen choose “Mission Control” located on the bottom toolbar (Camera icon).

Allow Sales with No Selected Employee

From the Management Screen, choose Locations > Settings. Select the location and choose “Edit.”   Choose the Location Preferences tab and check the option for “check this box to allow sales with no selected employees.   Click Save in the bottom left corner. Now the sales process will be faster.