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Giving a Gift Card for Free

On the Sales screen, press the “Gift Cards” icon (located on the bottom of screen). Choose “Sell a new Gift Card.” Enter the gift card amount into the Gift Card Value box. For the gift card price, over-ride with $0 (for FREE) and press “Add.” This option will only work if there is enough “spare” in the sale to cover the cost of the gift card. Otherwise a manager authorization will be required.

Setting Up Competitions

From the Manager Screen, choose “Locations.” Choose “Settings.” Select your location and click on “Edit Location.” Select the fourth tab, “Extra Features.” Select “Competition.” Choose the desired competition from the list and select the competition timeframe. Teamwork motivations allows for several Locations to compete against one another. Individual motivations allows for individual employees within a location to compete against one another. Choose how long your Competition Timeframe will last before restarting by clicking “Daily”, “Weekly”, or “Monthly” Select Regions to allow locations from multiple regions to compete against each other. Select the number of Employees or Locations viewable on the Read more

View Existing Competition

The competition feature motivates Employees or Teams to sell more in order to be in 1st place. Tip: Up the ante by offering incentives for the winner or simply allow them to compete for bragging rights.   From the Sales Screen, select “Competition,” located on the bottom toolbar, second from the left side.     To set up the competition feature please visit Setting Up Competitions  

Using the “Spare” from a previous sale

From the Sales screen, select the item(s) that the customer wants to purchase. Over-ride the price amount of the item(s) to the new (lower) price. Must be less than the minimum price to require a “spare.” The “minimum price alert” window will open with an error “Cannot Complete Sale.” Select the “Attach invoice” option and enter in the relevant invoice number (with spare value) and click ‘attach invoice’ to utilize it’s spare.     If the old Spare amount is enough to overcome the deficit of the new discount, than the sale will be approved.

Making Business Cards

From the Sales screen select “Business Card.” Select the employee’s name from the list. Add your personal notes and information.   Print your business card.   Tip: The amount of information shown may be altered in the Manager’s Screen – Location Settings – Extra Features – Business Cards

Using the Chat Feature on the Sales Screen

From the Sales screen choose the “Chat” icon in the bottom left corner. Type your message in the grey text bar and press “Enter.”   Sign in with your password   The message will then be displayed on: The sales screen The Real-time dashboard, The Sales Screen of other Locations in the same region The Mobile App.   Tip: Chat messages sent from the mobile app can be seen on the Sales Screen.

Sending Email Campaigns

From the management scree choose Customers > Email Campaign Select the customers you would like to include in the campaign and click “Next.” Build your email campaign and include: a subject, attachments and an email body. Click “Next.” Choose to Send your E-mail from either a gmail account or SMTP server. When you are finished click “Send Campaign.” If you are having trouble sending a campaign via Gmail Click Here.

Setting Up Text Message / Email / App Alerts

From the Manager screen choose “Locations” and then choose “Settings.” Click “Edit Location” for the location that you wish to edit. Under the “Extra Features” tab, choose “Nova Alerts.” Select a user from the list or add a user. Check the box for the method you would like to receive your alert. Click the pencil icon to edit the user’s contact info. i.e. user’s email, phone number and mobile carrier. Tip: If you are not able to check the iPhone App option, you most likely have not logged into the App as that User before.   Log into the App Read more