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Kits and Bundles

Set Up From the Management Screen choose Products > Kits and Bundles   In the upper right corner of the screen choose “settings.”   In the Receipt settings section choose which information you would like shown on the customer’s receipt.   In the Enterprise settings section you will have control over when kits are active as well as which Regions they are active in. Then click Save.   Creating a Kit/Bundle Choose “add kit” from the main Kits and Bundles page.   In the upper section choose which region(s) will have access to this specific kit/bundle. Then fill out: Name Read more

Setting Up and Using Quotes

Setting Up Quotes: On the Management Screen go to Customers and click “Quotes.” In the upper right corner click on the “Quote Settings” button. Options: Quote Expiration Date- fill in how many days the customer has before the quote expires. Users can change quote expiration date- this gives the ability for an employee to extend the expiration date of the quote. Lock quote to the original user- this will give the credit or commission of the sale to the employee who first gave the quote. Quote Disclaimer- make sure your customer has a clear understanding of your store policies on Read more

Accepting Tips

The Tip Feature is only available when swiping credit cards through Nova using a Merchant Gateway. For more information on Setting Up the Tip feature Click Here Accepting a Tip During a Sale On the Sales Screen, add the product into the shopping cart and click “Complete Sale.” Choose Credit Card as the payment method, then charge the customer’s credit card.   Now at the top of the signature screen you may add a tip.   Choose the desired Tip amount by either adding an exact dollar amount, percentage amount, choosing a percentage we have already provided or using the (-+) Read more

What is the Spare?

The Spare is the difference in value between the Product Markup Price (the retail price/normal price you sell it for) and the Product Minimum Price (the lowest you allow your employees to sell it for). The Spare is primarily used for negotiating on a product or sale price with a customer or giving a discount. This is set up on the Manager’s Side when creating a Non-Fixed Price Product   On the Sales Screen once you’ve selected a product your Markup Price is listed as Price Per Item.  Your Minimum Price can be found hidden inside the barcode. It is Read more

Benefits of Using CRM

Collect as much information as possible! Top priority is email and phone number. Create promotional email campaigns with customer specific coupons based on purchase history. Send your best customers a coupon code to keep them coming back!

Sales Below the Minimum Price

There are 3 methods for approving a sale below the minimum price.   Sign in as a manager to approve the sale.  Attach a previous invoice to the sale and use the “spare” amount from the invoice to make up for the price difference.   Send a Request to the Manager by Phone or E-mail to approve the Sale. Tip: For help setting up Option C. Click Here.

Creating a Coupon

On the Manager screen choose “Products” and then “Coupons.”   If the coupon has already been created, choose it from the list. If not, press “Add New Coupon.”   Choose your desired coupon time, Items or Total Sale.  Then create a Coupon Name, Code, and Expiration Date.   Choose your products/categories, then pick Sales Discount or Percentage Discount and fill in the discount amount. Offering a Store Credit is like adding a new spare to the sale and can be used to offer.   You can now use the coupon on the Sales screen.

Using a Coupon

On the sales screen, first add the selected items to the shopping cart. Then click the “Coupons” icon and scan/enter the coupon code or select the coupon from the list. The coupon will be applied to the applicable products on the shopping cart. Complete the sale.

Giving Discounts

Here are two ways to give a discount: Option #1 On the Sales Screen, select a product, then click on the “Discount” icon. Tip: a discount may also be given by manually lowering the price in the “Price per item” box.   Choose either the percentage or dollar icon and enter your discount value       Option #2 On the Sales screen, first add the selected items to the shopping cart. Press the “Discount” icon (located on the bottom-right of screen). Choose discount type (percentage or dollar). Enter the discount value and press “Add”. You will now see the Read more

Using a Gift Card

On the Sales screen, press the “Gift Cards” icon (located on the bottom of screen). Select the “Use Existing Gift Card” option. Enter the unique gift card code located on the customer’s gift card and press “Locate.”   Once Nova finds the gift card, choose the amount to charge and press “Charge Card.”   Complete the sale.   Tip: If the customer is missing their Gift Card, read Locating a Gift Card to find it.