Assigning a Role / Dividing a Sale by Percentage

Assigning a Role and Splitting a Sale by Percentage For information on Splitting Commissions by Exact Amounts please visit Editing Commissions/Splitting a Sale Unevenly   On the Receive Payment Screen choose the Users involved in the sale by clicking on their names. The border around their name should highlight in Blue.   Next, click on the empty box next to one of the Users names.   Choose a Role, either “Greeter” or “Trainer”, then enter the percentage amount this user will receive for this sale. Tip: It does not matter which person is the Greeter or Trainer, you may choose whatever makes Read more

Setting Two Different Tax Rates

From the Management Screen go to “Locations” and then “Settings.” Select your location and then choose “Edit Location.” Fill in your first tax rate under “Tax Rate.” Then click on the blue arrow to display options for a 2nd Tax Rate and fill it in. Click “Save.”

Making Credit Card CVV Mandatory

From the Management Screen go to “Locations” and then “Settings.” Select your location and then choose “Edit Location.” Select the “Merchant Services” tab. Check the “Allow the user to manually enter credit card information” box. Check the “Force the user to enter the card cvv information.” Click “Save.”

Enabling User to Manually Enter Credit Card Information

From the Management Screen go to “Location” and then “Settings.”   Select your location and then choose “Edit Location.”   Select the “Merchant Services” tab and check the “Allow the user to manually enter credit card information” box.   Click “Save.”

Creating and Using Price Lists

Price Lists are a way to have different prices at each of your locations or to create temporary prices in the case of a holiday or sale. From the management screen choose “Products” and then “Price Lists.” Click on “Add New Price List.” Type your Price List name into the large box.   Edit your prices by:   Clicking “Change price for all products”, choosing what you would like to change and then clicking ‘Update now.”   Clicking inside the individual boxes on the screen and changing the prices or using the check boxes.  Assign your price list to a Read more

Enabling Layaways and Layaway Settings

From the Manager screen, go to “Customers” and then “Layaways.” Click on the “Layaway Settings” icon at the top-right of screen. Layaway Options Enter in the “Minimum payment required” amount. Enter how many days to typically give your customers to pay off a layaway. Check the box if you would like the employee creating the layaway to have the option to change the expiration date. You may enter a Layaway Disclaimer which will be printed on the layaway receipt. Check all of the location boxes where layaway payments will be allowed to be taken. Click “Save.” Go to the Sales Read more

Wrong Date/Time in Nova & Invoices

If the NovaPOS sales screen is showing the wrong date/time, invoices will print the wrong date/time as well and accounting reports will be inaccurate. To fix, click on the computer’s Start (Windows) icon and go to your Window’s Control Panel Then, click “Change Date and Time” option, change the date/time and click “Apply.” The Nova sales screen will now show the correct date/time and invoices will print with the correct date/time as well. To fix invoices that have already been printed with the incorrect date/time, go to Manager screen, click “Accounting” then “Invoices.” Select the incorrect date range containing the Read more

Block Windows Access

To block Windows Access, first click the “Settings” icon from the Nova login screen. Next, click the “Disable UAC” icon to temporarily disable User Account Control and allow Windows to be blocked. Now, locate any anti-virus software installed on the computer and temporarily disable it in order to continue with blocking Windows access. Lastly, click the “Settings” icon from the Nova login screen again, and select the “Block Windows Access” icon. Windows will now be blocked (don’t forget to grant internet permissions for allowed websites by clicking the “Internet” icon from the sales screen). To un-block Windows Access, simply click Read more

Use Only with This Location

On the Nova login screen, check the box located under “Location Password” which says “Use only with (location name)” with a Regional Manager or above username/password. Checking this box will make the “Select Region” and the “Select Location” drop-downs grey to prevent users from switching between regions and locations, forcing them to log only into the selected location.   To un-lock Nova and use for multiple locations, un-check the “Use only with (location name)” check-box and enter in a Regional Manager or above password.

Installing Cameras for My Location

Initial camera setup can be performed by our Tech Support Team – by appointment only and includes a service fee. Call 1-888-370-NOVA(6682).