Attaching a File or Picture to an Invoice

Tip: Up to 3 Files or Pictures may be attached per sale in any combination. Files may be in any format. During a sale, after the payment method is chosen and the payment has been received, the “Attach Files” icon will appear in the right corner. Click it.   Two options will be given, “Attach Files” and “Take a Picture.”   Options: Option 1: Attach Files Click “Attach Files” and select either a file or picture from your windows explorer and click “Open.”   Then click “Upload”   The file or files should now be attached and be visible.   Read more

Printing a Gift Receipt

How to print a Gift Receipt Complete the sale as normal. Once the home screen is back up, click on the “Receipts” icon at the top of the Sales Screen.   Choose the “Print Latest” button on the left.   Nova will ask “Is this a gift receipt?”  Click “Yes.”        

Inventory Count – By Item

How to complete an Inventory Count by item: At the top of the Sales screen, click on the “Inventory” icon. In the Inventory Management screen, click on the “View Inventory By Item” tab   There are 3 different ways the Inventory may look depending on how the Manager has set it up. The Count Column is always located in either the last 1 or 2 columns on the right. Options: In option A. the Inventory quantities are hidden, so in the “Count Column” simply scan or manually enter the quantity that has been counted. Then click “Submit Count.”   In Read more

January 2016

New Features and Improvements, January 2016:   Pictures can now be added to product categories. To add a picture to a Category: From the Management Screen choose the “Products” Icon and then select “Categories” Right click on a Category and choose “Add Picture” Click “Browse” and select a photo from your picture library then click “Save” —————————————————————————————————————————————– Product Commissions may now be Negative Got a product that sells itself? How about a product that already has a low markup? This is a good way to encourage employees to sell the other items in your store. On the Management Screen choose Read more

What is the Spare?

The Spare is the difference in value between the Product Markup Price (the retail price/normal price you sell it for) and the Product Minimum Price (the lowest you allow your employees to sell it for). The Spare is primarily used for negotiating on a product or sale price with a customer or giving a discount. This is set up on the Manager’s Side when creating a Non-Fixed Price Product   On the Sales Screen once you’ve selected a product your Markup Price is listed as Price Per Item.  Your Minimum Price can be found hidden inside the barcode. It is Read more

Printer Resource Information

Find your printer below (in black) and click on the associated Model number (in red). This will take you to the vender’s support page where you can download the applicable driver software for your printer. STAR TSP 100 , TSP 100IIU , SP200 , SP200-2 , SP212 , TSP200 , SP500 , SP512 , SP550II , TSP-600 , TSP-650 , TSP-700 SP2000 , dp-8340fm Bixolon SRP-275 , SRP-280 , SRP-350 , SRP-375P Citizen CBM-210 , CBM-220 , CBM-230 , CBM-231 , CBM-232 , CBM-233 , CBM-253 , CBM-262 , CT-S300 , CT-S310 CT-S2000 , CBM-1000 , iDP-460 , iDP-3210 , Read more

Inventory Counts by Category

At the top of the Sales screen, click on the “Inventory” icon. In the Inventory Management screen, click on the “View Inventory By Category” tab. Enter the Count for each Category Click on Submit Count

Assigning a Role / Dividing a Sale by Percentage

Assigning a Role and Splitting a Sale by Percentage For information on Splitting Commissions by Exact Amounts please visit Editing Commissions/Splitting a Sale Unevenly   On the Receive Payment Screen choose the Users involved in the sale by clicking on their names. The border around their name should highlight in Blue.   Next, click on the empty box next to one of the Users names.   Choose a Role, either “Greeter” or “Trainer”, then enter the percentage amount this user will receive for this sale. Tip: It does not matter which person is the Greeter or Trainer, you may choose whatever makes Read more

Setting Two Different Tax Rates

From the Management Screen go to “Locations” and then “Settings.” Select your location and then choose “Edit Location.” Fill in your first tax rate under “Tax Rate.” Then click on the blue arrow to display options for a 2nd Tax Rate and fill it in. Click “Save.”

Making Credit Card CVV Mandatory

From the Management Screen go to “Locations” and then “Settings.” Select your location and then choose “Edit Location.” Select the “Merchant Services” tab. Check the “Allow the user to manually enter credit card information” box. Check the “Force the user to enter the card cvv information.” Click “Save.”