Manual Refund using Stellar

In the article below you will find information on: Giving a Manual Refund using Stellar Giving employees access to give manual refunds with Stellar New Nova Alert for manual refunds   Manual Refund using Stellar From the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings.   Select the location by clicking “Edit Location.”   Choose the “Extra Features” tab from the top of the screen. Then click “Manual Refund.”   Sign in with your password or fingerprint device. (Tip: Only a Full Owner or someone given access in User Settings may perform this Manual Refund.)   Enter the amount to refund and Read more

iPad: Refunds

From the Sales Screen, tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner and choose “Returns.”   Open the customers invoice by Entering the Invoice # or if it was the last sale, click “Open Latest.”   Tap the Refund icon in the upper right corner. Then choose to Refund Entire Invoice or Some Products.   Choose your refund method and click Submit in the top right corner. Then follow any other instructions that pop up.                

Scheduling Appointments

From the Sales Screen, on the bottom row, click on the Appointments icon.   Sign in with your password to open your Calendar.   At the top of the calendar choose which Location and which date range you would like to view.   Double click on a specific date to add an Appointment.   Add in the name, details, dates/times and location of the appointment.  Be sure to attach the Customer as well.   At the top, you may make this a recurring appointment if this will be a weekly or monthly event.  You may also print an appointment slip Read more

iPad: Inventory

In this section we will cover: Inventory Count Updating Inventory Transfers To access the inventory: From the Sales Screen, tap on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner to expose the pop out menu.   Then choose “Inventory.”   Inventory Count Choose the “Count” icon from the top right corner. Then enter the counted quantity next to each product. Tap “Review Count” at the bottom when done.   Update Inventory         Transfers Choose the “Transfer” icon from the top right of the screen.  You will see a list of all past transfers and may view Read more

iPad: Clocking In and Out

Below you will find instructions on how to Clock In and Clock Out using the iPad app.   Clocking In: From the main screen tap “Go to store.”   Either choose the icon for Make a Sale without Checking in, or tap “Check In” to clock in.   Choose your name from the drop down list and type your password. Then tap “Sign in.”   Now that you are clocked in, tap on your icon to be taken to the Sales Screen.   Clocking Out: From the Sales Screen, open the side menu by tapping on the red lines in Read more

iPad: Making a Sale

Here is a step by step guide to completing a sale in the iPad app. From the Sales Screen, choose a product by tapping on it or searching for it in the search bar at the top of the page.   Add any discounts and then press “Add to Cart.”   In the Shopping Cart add any Additional Discount or Coupon, then press the red “Charge” button at the bottom.   Choose your Payment Method then click the red “Confirm Payment” button when done. PAYMENT METHODS: Card: Swipe or Manually Enter the Card info. Cash: Choose from the cash totals Read more


Splitit Set Up From the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings and click Edit Location.   Choose the Splitit tab from the top of the page.  Then check the box for “Allow Installments in this location”   Fill in the Splitit Account Settings fields.   Then fill in the Installments Settings. Minimum amount to allow installments – the customer must be purchasing a minimum of this amount in order to be eligible to use Splitit for this sale. Maximum installments allowed – Choose the maximum amount of installments a sale may be broken into. Force Digital Signature – Customer must Read more

Setting up Full and Minimum Capacities

Setting up Full and Minimum Capacities will help you keep your inventory stocked without over filling it. Full Capacity – The ideal amount you want in your inventory when you are fully stocked. When re-ordering from your storage location through transfers or from your wholesaler in Automatic Purchase Orders, Nova will recommend how many to order based off of your Full Capacity. Minimum Capacity – This is the number that you do not want your inventory to go below before ordering more. In Nova Alerts you can sign up to receive an alert when your inventory reaches or goes below Read more

July 2016

New Features July 2016: Kits and Bundles Discounts Per Line Item Detailed SMS More EMV Options   Kits and Bundles Set Up From the Management Screen choose Products > Kits and Bundles In the upper right corner of the screen choose “settings.” In the Receipt settings section choose which information you would like shown on the customer’s receipt. In the Enterprise settings section you will have control over when kits are active as well as which Regions they are active in. Then click Save.   Creating a Kit/Bundle Choose “add kit” from the main Kits and Bundles page. In the Read more

EMV with Ingenico

Below you find the following information about your Ingenico EMV Device General Set Up Making a Sale (video included) Batch Out – This is Automatic General Set Up On the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings > Edit Location.   Under the Merchant Services tab click the circle for “Yes, I am.”    Choose your merchant from the drop down menu.    Next check off the box for “I have an EMV device to process credit card transactions.” Then choose the “Model of the device” from the drop down menu.   Now on the right side under TCP, you must add Read more