Reporting a Tester or Damaged product

There are 2 options for reporting a Tester, Damaged, or Lost item. Option 1 On the sales screen, choose “Inventory.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”   Option 2 On the Manager’s Screen, choose “Inventory and Management.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill in the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”

Colors of the Transfer Screen

White – Transfers received or cancelled. Yellow- Inventory Transfers sent from one location to another. Red- An in-discrepancy between quantities sent and quantities received.

Receiving Inventory Transfers

From the sales screen, click the “Inventory” icon at the top of the screen. Select the “Receive Inventory” tab and click “Receive Transfer” next to the new Transfer. Tip: There is an exclamation point (!) to let you know a new inventory transfer is waiting.      Enter the number of counted products into the “Quantity Received” column. Then click “Save” at the bottom.    

Viewing the Inventory Change Log

From the Manager Screen select “Inventory.” Select “View Changes.” Select date range. Click “Reload.” Green = Items added to the inventory Pink = Items subtracted from the inventory Yellow = Changes to the Storage inventory

Updating The Inventory

From the Manager Screen choose “Inventory”. Choose “Management”. Select the Region you want to update products from.  Select the Location  Click “Load Inventory” Select the third tab from the left, “Update Inventory”. By default, you will only see products with inventory at the chosen location. Click on “Quantity To Add/Remove” to update quantities. As shown in the example below: Product ID 3 we are Adding an additional 2 more Milk Cleansers to the current quantity. Product ID 8 we are Removing 1 eye serum from the current quantity. For any products that do not need an inventory update, just skip over Read more

Copying Inventory Capacities

From the Manager Screen choose “Inventory.” Choose “Management.” Select your location. Click “Load Inventory.” Select the location’s name you would like to copy capacities from under Copy Capacities: drop down box. Click on “Copy.” Click “Yes.”

Viewing All Income

From the Manager Screen choose “Accounting.” Choose “Profit Loss Report.” Select desired date range. Click “Reload.”

Managing My Company’s Expenses

There are 2 main ways to manage expenses in your Expenses report. Adding a one time expense and/or Adding Recurring expenses From the Manager screen, choose “Accounting” and then “Expenses.” Choose the desired dates (From date → To Date) and then press the refresh icon to load expenses. Click the link which says “Edit Available Categories.” Then enter a new category name and press “Save” (i.e. Mall Rent, Car Rental, etc.).   Adding a One Time Expense Fill in the fields to record your expense, then click “Save Changes.”   Adding a Recurring Expense Now, click on the button “Add a Read more

Store Credits and Gift Card Management

From the Manager Screen choose “Accounting.” Choose “Store Credit.” Select a desired date range. Click “Reload.”

Delete a Sale/Invoice

You must be a full owner to delete a sale/invoice. From the Manager Screen, choose “Accounting” and then “Invoices” (You may also locate the invoice on the Real-Time Dashboard if you know the date of the sale). Choose the region and desired dates, (From date → To Date) and then press “Load Invoices.” Locate the invoice you want to edit (You may use the search option) and press “Open Invoice.” Choose the tab “Edit Invoice Data” and confirm your request by pressing “Delete” (You will be required to enter username and password).