Setting up the SMS Promoter

To set up the SMS Promoter for the first time.

Please note that the SMS Promoter is per location.

It is highly recommended to go through your CRM

1 From the Manager’s Screen go to Location > Settings.


2 Click on Edit Location.


3 Click on Extra Features > SMS.


4 Click on Activate SMS Promoter to Activate the feature.


5 Enter your contact information and the credit card that will be used for automatic payments.

Billing Info

6 Click on Activate SMS Promoter.

After activation, you will receive a text message to the phone number provided which will be the number your customers will see when receiving a message.

You will receive the phone number within 24 to 48 hours after activation.


7 Now that the SMS Promoter is Active and you have been provided with a phone number, click on Settings.


8 Add your phone number in the Test phone numbers tab.

Click on the Message send from drop-down and choose the phone number that was provided for this location.