How to open a new location

Click here on how to open a new location using the Mobile App.

1 From the Manager Screen choose “Locations.”

2 Choose “Settings.”


3 Click on “Add a new location.” (only a user with Full Owner access can access this).


4 Click on “Open/Close Locations” and “New Location.”


5 You may edit the location name here or later in the Settings.

6 Choose to which “Region” this new location belongs to.  (if you don’t use Regions skip this step).

7 Choose the location “Status” to Active or Inactive.  Active means you will be charged right away and will have full access to the sales screen.  Inactive will give you access to the Managers side for Settings but the sales screen will be blocked until the location Status is switched to Active.

8 Click on “+Add Another Location” if opening more than one location.

9 Choose the credit card on file that you would like to add this new location to or click on “Use New Payment Method” to enter a new credit card number.

10 Click “Next.”


11 Click “I agree to the terms and conditions”.


12 If the location was successfully opened, you will see the message below.