Manual Refund using Stellar

In the article below you will find information on:

  • Giving a Manual Refund using Stellar
  • Giving employees access to give manual refunds with Stellar
  • New Nova Alert for manual refunds


Manual Refund using Stellar

1 From the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings.



2 Select the location by clicking “Edit Location.”



3 Choose the “Extra Features” tab from the top of the screen. Then click “Manual Refund.”ice_screenshot_20160907-112050


4 Sign in with your password or fingerprint device.

(Tip: Only a Full Owner or someone given access in User Settings may perform this Manual Refund.)



5 Enter the amount to refund and then choose if the card is present or not.

If “Yes” simply click “Refund” and follow the directions on your machine.”



If “No” enter the card info manually, then click “Refund.”




Giving someone other than the Full Owner access to do a Manual refund using Stellar:

1 Go to Users > Settings



2 Click “Edit User” next to the desired employee.



3 Scroll down to “User Access Levels” and check “Stellar Manual Refund.” Then click Save.




New Nova Alert for Manual Refund using Stellar

1 In Locations > Settings > Extra Features, click on “Nova Alerts.”



2 Scroll all the way to the bottom.  When a Stellar Manual Refund is made above a certain total, you may receive an alert for it.

  1. Fill in the total to be alerted for
  2. Select your preferred method of communication
  3. Click Save