Scheduling Appointments

1 From the Sales Screen, on the bottom row, click on the Appointments icon.



2 Sign in with your password to open your Calendar.



3 At the top of the calendar choose which Location and which date range you would like to view.



4 Double click on a specific date to add an Appointment.



5 Add in the name, details, dates/times and location of the appointment.  Be sure to attach the Customer as well.



6 At the top, you may make this a recurring appointment if this will be a weekly or monthly event.  You may also print an appointment slip for your customer which will print out of the receipt printer.



7 Click Save when done to return to the calendar.  Now you will see the appointment and may double click on it to view or edit it.



Tip: Appointments may also be accessed from the Management Screen by going to Customers > Management and clicking on Appointments on the top right corner of the screen.