Set Up

1 From the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings and click Edit Location.



2 Choose the Splitit tab from the top of the page.  Then check the box for “Allow Installments in this location”ice_screenshot_20160811-093245


3 Fill in the Splitit Account Settings fields.



4 Then fill in the Installments Settings.

  • Minimum amount to allow installments – the customer must be purchasing a minimum of this amount in order to be eligible to use Splitit for this sale.
  • Maximum installments allowed – Choose the maximum amount of installments a sale may be broken into.
  • Force Digital Signature – Customer must sign the screen in order to use Splitit.





Making a Sale Using Splitit

1 On the Sales Screen, add products into the Shopping Cart, then click the Splitit icon on the bottom of the screen.



2 In the “Number of Installments” box choose the desired number of installments, then view the installment amount reflected on the line below. Be sure to add the customer and click “Next.”ice_screenshot_20160805-102159


3 Fill in the Customer’s credit card info and billing address. Then click “Next.”



4 Installment Confirmation

  1. Here you have a breakdown of the customer’s scheduled monthly installments.
  2. The Terms and Conditions which the customer should read and agree to.
  3. The Customer signs the screen agreeing to the installments, total amount, and Terms and Conditions.

Then click “Finish.”




5 Next on the Receive Payment screen, simply choose the Employee and Print/Email the receipt as normal.ice_screenshot_20160809-145327


6 At the bottom of the invoice your customer will have the Payment Schedule as well as the Terms and Conditions.



Click here for Customer Terms & Conditions page