Kits and Bundles

Set Up

1 From the Management Screen choose Products > Kits and Bundles



2 In the upper right corner of the screen choose “settings.”



Settings A. In the Receipt settings section choose which information you would like shown on the customer’s receipt.



Settings B In the Enterprise settings section you will have control over when kits are active as well as which Regions they are active in. Then click Save.



Creating a Kit/Bundle

1 Choose “add kit” from the main Kits and Bundles page.



2 In the upper section choose which region(s) will have access to this specific kit/bundle. Then fill out:

  • Name
  • Picture (optional)
  • Description (optional but recommended)
  • Barcode (if you have one)



3 Choose the Products and/or Categories needed for this bundle.



4 Once you have added in the products/categories you may edit 3 of the fields:

  • Pricing Type: Choose between Fixed ($ dollar amount) and Percent (percentage amount)
  • Amount: Choose how much the percentage discount or the fixed price will be on this product or category
    • To give an item for free put either Percent 100 or Fixed 0
  • Mandatory: By checking off “Mandatory” this means that item will be part of that bundle, there is no option to remove it from the shopping cart.



5 The check box for “Give additional discount to the lowest priced in the kit of___%” may be used for such discounts as

Buy One Get One.”

For Example: Buy 3 items from a category and the lowest priced item will be free.



Selling Kits and Bundles

1 From the Sales Screen choose the Kits and Bundles icon.



2 Click on the Kit/Bundle you would like to sell.



Part A If you attached a specific product when creating your bundle, it will show up with a Lock icon because it is specific to this bundle.



Part B If you attached a category when creating your bundle, you will need to click on “Choose One” and pick which product you would like from that category.




3. Once you have chosen the products from their categories click “Add to Cart.”



4 Now in the shopping cart you will notice the prices reflect their discounts.

In the example below:

  • Manicure is 50% off
  • Swedish Massage is Full Price
  • Nail Polish is Free



5 Finally click “Complete Sale” and finish your sale as normal.