EMV with Ingenico

Below you find the following information about your Ingenico EMV Device

  • General Set Up
  • Making a Sale (video included)
  • Batch Out – This is Automatic

General Set Up

1 On the Management Screen choose Locations > Settings > Edit Location.



2 Under the Merchant Services tab click the circle for “Yes, I am.”



3 Choose your merchant from the drop down menu.



4 Next check off the box for “I have an EMV device to process credit card transactions.”

Then choose the “Model of the device” from the drop down menu.



5 Now on the right side under TCP, you must add in Destination IP, Destination Port, and Merchant Profile ID. Then click “Save.”



Making a Sale

Click below to see videos on:

Making a Sale in Nova with EMV

ingenico iCT220 EMV Device


1 From the Sales Screen add the products into your cart and click “Complete Sale” as usual.ice_screenshot_20160621-152617


2 On the Receive Payment screen, choose Credit Card as your payment method.



3 Confirm that the charge amount is correct, then click the “Next” button in the bottom right corner.



4 Choose if the customer is paying with a debit card.  Then follow the instructions on the Device Screen.

  • If it is a debit card, slide the card into the bottom of the device with the chip side first.  The customer will need to type in their pin code.
  • If it is a credit card, swipe the card along the side of the device.



5 Once the sale has been approved by the EMV device, your customer may sign inside of Nova or if your device has a built in printer they may sign the physical receipt.

Then click “OK” and print.

Displaying ice_screenshot_20160623-100627.pngice_screenshot_20160623-100627


Batch Out

The Batch Out for these devices is automatic, it does not require anything extra.