Allowing Employees to Edit Hours

Part 1: Setting up access to edit hours

Part 2: Editing Hours as an employee


Part 1: Setting up employee access to edit hours:

1 On the Management Screen go to Users > Settings and choose the employee.



2 Scroll down to User Access Levels and click on “Custom Roles: Advanced.”



3 Under “Secretary” check off “Edit Hours.” Then at the top make a “Role Name” and click Save.



4 Be sure to check off the new role in addition to the employee’s other roles. Then click “Save.”



Part 2: For an employee to edit their hours

1 At the bottom of the Sales Screen click on “My Report” and log in.



2 The employee may edit their hours under the “Hours” tab by adding or changing Check in/out times. Then click “Save Changes.”



3 Once they click “Save Changes” they will be prompted to write the “Reason for Change.”



4 All changes will be logged in the “Change Hours Log” at the bottom of the User Report as well as on the Management Screen under Users > Payroll Changes.