Daily Archives: May 31, 2016

Allowing Employees to Edit Hours

Part 1: Setting up access to edit hours Part 2: Editing Hours as an employee   Part 1: Setting up employee access to edit hours: On the Management Screen go to Users > Settings and choose the employee.   Scroll down to User Access Levels and click on “Custom Roles: Advanced.”   Under “Secretary” check off “Edit Hours.” Then at the top make a “Role Name” and click Save.   Be sure to check off the new role in addition to the employee’s other roles. Then click “Save.” ————————————————————————————————– Part 2: For an employee to edit their hours At the Read more

Viewing User Payroll Changes

The Payroll Changes report allows you to view changes made to employee’s hours. Tip: To access the Payroll Changes Report you must have Secretary or Regional Manager access and above.  Under User Access Levels in Custom Roles in the Secretary section you may also find a check box for Payroll Changes. On the Management Screen choose Users > Payroll Changes   Choose the desired date range at the top to view Payroll Changes.  On the right side click “Open User Report” to make changes to the log.   In User Report you may make any necessary changes.