Setting Up and Using Quotes

Setting Up Quotes:

1 On the Management Screen go to Customers and click “Quotes.”


2 In the upper right corner click on the “Quote Settings” button.



Quote Expiration Date- fill in how many days the customer has before the quote expires.

Users can change quote expiration date- this gives the ability for an employee to extend the expiration date of the quote.

Lock quote to the original user- this will give the credit or commission of the sale to the employee who first gave the quote.

Quote Disclaimer- make sure your customer has a clear understanding of your store policies on quotes. 

Available in Locations – check off the locations which you would like the Quotes feature to be active.


Creating a New Quote:

1 On the Sales Screen add products to the shopping cart. At the bottom of the screen click on “Quotes.”


2 Now select “New” and sign in.


3 Add the customer to the Quote, then Print or Email.



1 When the customer returns to purchase the items, click on “Quotes” again and choose “Open.”


2 Either scan the barcode or enter the Quote number then press “Enter.”


3 From here you may edit the information if needed and click “Add to Cart.” Then complete the sale as normal.