May 2016

New Features and Improvements May 2016:



You now have the ability to print and E-mail quotes for your customers.

Set Up:

1 On the Management Screen go to Customers and click “Quotes.”

2 In the upper right corner click on the “Quote Settings” button.



Quote Expiration Date- fill in how many days the customer has before the quote expires.

Users can change quote expiration date- this gives the ability for an employee to extend the expiration date of the quote.

Lock quote to the original user- this will give the credit or commission of the sale to the employee who first gave the quote.

Quote Disclaimer- make sure your customer has a clear understanding of your store policies on quotes. 

Available in Locations – check off the locations which you would like the Quotes feature to be active.


Sales Screen:

1 Add products to the shopping cart. At the bottom of the screen click on “Quotes.”


2 Now select “New” and sign in.


3 Add the customer to the Quote, then Print or Email.




1 When the customer returns to purchase the items, click on “Quotes” again and choose “Open.”


2 Either scan the barcode or enter the Quote number then press “Enter.”


3 From here you may edit the information if needed and click “Add to Cart.” Then complete the sale as normal.



Inventory History

Now you will have a record of what your Inventory looked like on past dates.

1 On the Management Screen go to Inventory and click “History.”

2 In the upper right corner click “Settings.”

Choose if you want the history to be logged daily or weekly. After this the system will take a snapshot of your inventory.



3 Choose the date of the report you would like to see and click “Open.”

inventory history

Each log may be printed or exported to Excel.


New Nova Alerts

We have added even more Nova Alerts to keep you  in the know about what’s happening at your business in real time.

  • Inventory Count was not done for  amount of time
  • Every Check In/ Check Out
  • When an Employee’s hours have been changed

1 On the Management Screen, go to Locations and Settings, then click Edit Location.

2 At the top of the screen choose the Extra Features tab. Then click on Nova Alerts.


3 Scroll through the page to find the new Alerts.

  • Receive an alert when an inventory count has not been submitted for X amount of days.


  • Receive an alert every time an Employee Clocks in or Out.


  • Receive an alert when an Employee’s hours have been changed in User Report




Add Minutes to First Clock In/Last Clock Out of the Day

Pay your store Opener and Closer for the extra time they spend opening and closing the location before and after they clock in/out each day.

1 From the Management Screen open Location Settings. Then choose the Location Preferences tab.

2 Scroll down to the Users section.


3 Check off either or both of the boxes and enter the amount of extra minutes to pay the first and last employee of the day.




More Improvements:

  • Update Only Filtered Items in Inventory:

When updating the Inventory, use the search bar to filter the list for specific products.  Then when using the “Add/Remove All” button in the top right corner of the page, only the selected products will be updated.

Tip: On the Sales or Management Screen choose Inventory> Update Inventory

  • View Users from All Regions

With proper access to User Settings you may now view Users from All Regions regardless of which Region is selected at the top of the screen.

Tip: On the Management Screen choose Users> Settings