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May 2016

New Features and Improvements May 2016:   Quotes You now have the ability to print and E-mail quotes for your customers. Set Up: On the Management Screen go to Customers and click “Quotes.” In the upper right corner click on the “Quote Settings” button. Options: Quote Expiration Date- fill in how many days the customer has before the quote expires. Users can change quote expiration date- this gives the ability for an employee to extend the expiration date of the quote. Lock quote to the original user- this will give the credit or commission of the sale to the employee Read more

How to Handle a Chargeback

In the event of a chargeback, a bank will request that you send them certain information. One piece of information is usually a copy of the credit card receipt. To reprint a credit card slip inside Nova, follow the instructions below:   On the Management Screen go to Accounting and choose Payments .   Use the Date Range and Filters at the top to search for the transaction.   Once you have found the transaction click “Print Signature” to print a copy of the Credit Card slip.    

Setting up Commissions

How to set up commissions for employees: commission steps flat commission On the Management Screen choose Users and Settings then open the User who’s salary you would like to set up.   Scroll down to User Salary.   Commission Steps Check off the Commission Steps box and begin filling out your steps. The “From($)” column will automatically start from zero in the first step. In the “To($)” column enter the dollar amount¬†the step should end at. In the “Commission(%)” column enter the commission percentage the employee should get if a sales total falls within this step. Please note that the Read more