Creating and Saving Custom Variants

This is how to create and save Custom Variants in Nextgen Nova

1 In Nextgen Nova go to the Manager Screen, then select Products and Settings

2 In the upper right corner click on the blue triangle and choose “add product.”

3 Towards the bottom of the page where it says “Does this product come in different variants? Click on the “No” and it will change into a “Yes.”



4 Click on the drop down menu where it says “Option 1” and choose “Custom.”



5 In the first box type in the option name you would like.  Then in the values box type in the different values you would like.



6 Once you have entered all desired values click  “Generate Variants.” Then continue to the pricing and inventory pages.



The next time you enter the drop down menu to create a new product the Variant and Values will already be available for you.