Daily Archives: March 21, 2016

Disabling Checks as a Payment Method

How to block your employees from accepting checks as a payment method:   On the Management Screen go to Locations Settings. Open the Location you would like to edit, then choose the Location Preferences tab.   To block the use of checks, simply uncheck the box for “Allow check as payment.”   Now on the Sales Screen the Check icon can not be accessed and appears faded.

Setting up Automatic Check Out

How to set up Automatic Check Out for one of your Locations: From the Management Screen open Location Settings. Then choose the Location Preferences tab. Under the “Security” section there is a new check box. “Automatically check out employees at this location after:” Check off the check box and fill in the time to automatically clock out your employees. You may also click on the clock icon:

Creating and Saving Custom Variants

This is how to create and save Custom Variants in Nextgen Nova In Nextgen Nova go to the Manager Screen, then select Products and Settings In the upper right corner click on the blue triangle and choose “add product.” Towards the bottom of the page where it says “Does this product come in different variants? Click on the “No” and it will change into a “Yes.”   Click on the drop down menu where it says “Option 1” and choose “Custom.”   In the first box type in the option name you would like. ¬†Then in the values box type Read more