March 2016

New Features and Improvements March 2016:


Base Salary

Nova now supports the ability to add a Base Salary for each Employee.

1 On the Management Screen, go to Users Settings and either add a new user or edit a current user.

2 Scroll down to User Salary and find the check box for “Base Salary”



3 First, check off the box for Base Salary and add a dollar amount.



4 Next, choose Weekly or Monthly depending on your desired time period followed by a day of the week or a day of the month.






5 Lastly, choose which location the employee should be payed for. Don’t forget to click save at the bottom of the page.



Create Up to 900 Product Variations at once

Do your products come in tons of Sizes, Colors, Styles, etc?

We have added the ability to generate even more variants than ever before.

1 On the Management Screen of Nextgen Nova go to Product Settings and click “Add Product”

2 After entering the Product Details, click “Yes” for “Does this product come in different variants?”


3 Then Choose your variant options, either: Size, Color, Style, or Custom to make your own.

4 Add in all of your values, then click “Generate Variants” and Nova will generate every possible variation for you.



Variant Names and Values will now be saved automatically

In Nextgen Nova your Variant Values and even your Custom Variant names will be saved for you. This will make creating new products faster and easier than ever.

1 Create a new product that comes in different variants (size, color, etc.)

2 Either add in the values for a Variant Option already on the list, or choose “Custom.” Create a name and then add in the values.



3 Click “Generate Variants” and finish creating the product as normal.



4 Next time you enter the drop down menu to create a new product the Variant and Values will already be available for you.



Export Check In/Out Times to ADP


Now you can export your Check In/Out Times from Nova to ADP Payroll Software

1 On the Management Screen go to Users and Salary Report.

2 Set the date range to fit the desired time frame.  Then click on the Check In/Out Times Tab on the right.

3 Once you are seeing the desired information click the blue Export to ADP button.




Automatic Check Out for all Employees

Do you have employees who forget to Check Out at the end of their shift?  Now just choose a time to automatically clock them out. Problem solved!

1 From the Management Screen open Location Settings. Then choose the Location Preferences tab.

2 Under the “Security” section there is a new check box. “Automatically check out employees at this location after:”


3 Check off the check box and fill in the time to automatically clock out your employees.


You may also click on the clock icon:



Total Cash to Take Out

Do you leave some cash in your drawer each night to start the next day with?

We have now made it easier than ever to calculate how much cash to take out of the drawer every night:

1 Start off the day with a “Cash Count” to make sure the amount you left in the drawer the previous night is still there.



2 When the day is over go to “Take Cash Out.”

The “Expected Cash Amount” shows the total in the drawer including the amount you started the day with.

The new line we’ve added, “Total Cash to take out,” shows the amount to take out of the drawer not including what you started the day with.

By removing the “Total Cash to take out” your drawer will be left with your amount to start the next day with. (In this case $100)




Disable Checks as a Payment Method

Do you only accept Cash and Credit Card Sales? Now you may disable the ability to accept Checks as a payment method at your locations.

This can give you peace of mind that no checks will be accepted as a form of payment.

1 On the Management Screen go to Location Settings. Then choose the Location Preferences tab.

2 To block the use of checks, simply uncheck the box for “Allow check as payment.”



Now on the Sales Screen the Check icon can not be accessed and appears faded.



Cash and Credit Card Totals are now included in your End Of Day Report SMS

Now the End of Day Report you receive on your phone will be even more detailed. We have added the Cash and Credit Card Totals to keep you up to date with your Payment Method totals.




For more information on signing up for Nova Alerts Click Here.


More Improvements:

  • Search by Barcode #2 and SKU

You now have the ability on the Sales Screen to search for a product not only by Barcode #1 but also Barcode #2 or SKU

Tip: Add in Barcode #2 and SKU numbers on the Management Screen in Product Settings.

  • Count your Inventory while Offline

Did your Internet drop in the middle of an Inventory Count?  No Problem!

Tip: When counting your Inventory on the Sales Screen, if your internet drops, simply click “Work Offline.” When your connection returns click “Submit Count.”

  • Block Salaries on the Mobile App

Now in Location Settings you may choose whether or not to allow your employees to view their salaries on the Mobile App.

Tip: Management Screen > Location Settings > Location Preferences > under “Reports” check off the new box for “Block Employees from viewing their salaries on the mobile app.”

  • Product Pictures may now be in PNG file format.

Tip: When adding pictures to your products you may now use pictures that are PNG files in addition to the normal JPEG.

  • Reprint a Credit Card Slip even without the Customer’s Signature

Now you may reprint the credit card slip even if the customer did not provide their signature at the time of the sale.

Tip: On the Management Screen go to Accounting> Payments > Print Signature

  • The Customer Dashboard is now a pop up window instead of another tab.

In Next Gen Nova, it is now easier than ever to add or edit a customer’s info on the Sales Screen.

Tip: Click “add customer” or “CRM” to open a pop up window for easy access to search or add customer information.

  • Coupon Code may now be up to 100 characters long.

Tip: When creating a coupon you must also create a coupon code. We have increased the maximum number of characters by 100%