What’s New in Nova Classic

New Features and Improvements in Nova Classic

Below you will find information on:

  • Printing a Gift Receipt
  • Setting up a Company wide Competition
  • Easy Access to Opening and Printing the last Invoice
  • Attaching Files and Pictures to an Invoice
  • Ability to Add or Edit Check-In/Check-Out times
  • Shortening your End of Day Report
  • New options for Paycheck printing


You can now print a Gift Receipt 

Gift Receipts hide the prices and totals from a sales receipt so that when an item is given as a Gift,

the recipient will not know the value of the Gift unless taking the item back with the receipt for an exchange.

1 Complete the sale as normal.

2 Once the home screen is back up, click on the “Receipts” icon at the top of the Sales Screen.


3 Choose the “Print Latest” button on the left.


4 Nova will ask “Is this a gift receipt?”  Click “Yes.”




Competitions can now include your entire company and all of its Regions

Get your whole company in on a Competition by selecting some or all of the regions.

This will allow Employees or Locations from different Regions to compete against one another for a top rank.



Open or Print Latest Invoice

Have you ever had a customer ask you for an extra copy of their receipt but you have already finished the sale?

Have you ever made a mistake when ringing up a sale that needs to be corrected right away?

1 Complete the sale as normal.

2 Once the home screen is back up, click on the “Receipts” icon at the top of the Sales Screen.



To Print Latest Receipt:

3 Choose the “Print Latest” button on the left.



4 Nova will ask “Is this a gift receipt?” Click “No,” and a regular copy of the receipt will print.



To Open Latest Invoice: 

3 Choose the “Open Latest” button on the right.


4 Sign in with your password

5 Now you may add or edit any of the functions you have access to change.




Attach Up to 3 Files and/or Pictures to an Invoice

1 During a sale, after the payment method is chosen and the payment has been received,

the “Attach Files” icon will appear in the right corner. Click it.


2 Two options will be given, “Attach Files” and “Take a Picture.”



Option 1: Attach Files

A. Click “Attach Files” and select either a file or picture from your windows explorer and click “Open.”


B.Then click “Upload”


C. The file or files should now be attached and be visible.



Option 2: Take a Picture

A. Click “Take a Picture.”

B. Select the Camera and Resolution if you have options in the drop down menus.

Then Click “Capture” and “Save.”



Add or Edit Check In/Check Out Times

If you have an employee who forgot to Check In or Check Out, instead of just being able to enter in the hours that they worked, you may now also enter exact Check In and Check Out times so that your records and reports are accurate.

1. On the Management Screen, choose “Users” and “Reports.”

2.Then Choose the User you would like to edit and click the “Hours” icon



3. First click the “Add a Day” button. Next choose the Date, number of hours, and location. Then click the “Add” button.



4.  You will see the information added to the “Hours and Hourly Salary by Day” box. Now click “Add Check in/out.”



5. Now enter in either a Clock In Time, Clock Out Time, or both depending on your needs. Then click “Add.”



6. Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button in the right corner.



Hide Inventory Changes from the End of Day Report Print Out

Is the length of your “End of Day Report” print out bothersome?

Normally your End of Day Report, in addition to your totals, will print: Incoming Inventory, Outgoing Inventory, and Inventory Losses.

Now by simply marking a checkbox you can keep your reports short and using less paper.

1. On the Management Screen go to “Locations” and “Settings.”

2. Then click “Edit Location” next to desired location and go to “Location Preferences”



3. Under “Reports” check the box for “Hide inventory changes in the end of day report.”



New Options for Printing Paychecks

Now when printing a Paycheck you can choose between:

  • Printing the entire selected time period (including days in between that the employee did not work.)
  • Only printing days which the employee checked in
  • Only printing days when the employee made sales (ideal for employees who make commission only.)

1. On the Management Screen go to “Users” and “Salary Report.”

2. At the top of the screen choose the date range you would like to view.



3. Next select the Employee who’s paycheck you’d like to print by check the box in the “Print” column. Then click “Print Selected.”



4. Now choose the Printing option you’d like from the “Printing Preferences” menu.



Print All: This will print all of the User’s totals and averages listed on the User Report with a breakdown for each day, including days he/she did not work.

Only print days when employee checked in: This will also print the totals and averages but the breakdown will only include days the User was checked in.

Only print days when the employee made sales: This will print totals and averages however the breakdown will only include days that the employee made sales. This is ideal for employees who only work on commission.  For an hourly employee you will still see a breakdown of what they made hourly per day regardless of if they made sales on those days or not.