What’s New in Nova Next Gen

New Features and Improvements in Nova Next Gen

Below you will find information on:

  • New and Improved Labels and Price Tags page
  • New Edit Invoice Screen
  • Inventory Report
  • Adding Custom Fields in CRM
  • New Nova Alerts
  • Automatic Sign Out for Inactive Users


New and Improved Labels and Price Tags page

1 On the Management Screen choose “Products” and “Labels and Price Tags”



2 First, choose the Location you would like to print Labels for.



3 Then, choose from 4 different label sizes:

1 1/8″ x 3 1/2″


3/4″ x 2″


3/8″ x 3/4″ (butterfly) usually used for Jewelry


Or the Newly added “Rat tail”



4 Next choose whether or not to print the Product Price and Product Description on the label.



5 Now scroll down and search for the items that need labels by using the search bar or the “Add a Filter” button.



6 Last, fill in the boxes the Quantity to Print. You may click the blue arrows to Auto Fill in the numbers in the “Quantity” column, or fill in a different number manually.

Then Click “Print Labels.”



New Edit Invoice Screen

Using the new Invoice Editor you now have the freedom to edit almost every aspect of an invoice.

1 Open the Invoice from either “Receipts” on the Sales Screen or by clicking “Open Invoice” in one of the Management Screen Reports.

2 By clicking the blue triangle on the right a drop down menu will appear.  The functions for Print, Email, and Refund will work the same as in Classic Nova.



3 Choose the “Edit” option from the drop down menu.  Then using the buttons on the left side, navigate through the different pages.



Example On the Summary page you can edit: Location, Date, Time, Add, and Remove Products.



By clicking the down arrow next to each product on the right side (in the image above) and choosing “Edit” you may also edit: Quantity, Price Per Item, Discount, and Tax.


Other details you may edit include: Tip, Payment Method, Add/Edit Customer, Add File, Take Picture, Users, User Commission, etc.


Inventory Report

This is a new report to give you a breakdown of your Inventory movement and costs.

1 On the Management Screen choose “Inventory” and “Inventory Report.”

2 On the top half of the page choose the Location and Date Range. Then view:

  • Total Items Sold
  • Cost of Goods Sold or Cost of Inventory on Hand
  • Gross, Net, or Tax
  • Total Revenue Forecast



3 On the bottom half of the page choose to view up to 10 different columns including a breakdown of Quantity Sold vs. Quantity On Hand.



Custom Fields in CRM

Now you have more freedom to customize your Customer Relations Management page by adding in your own fields allowing you to store more customer information that is important to your specific business.

1 Add a new customer either by clicking CRM on the Sales Screen or Customers > Management on the Management Screen.

2 Fill out the customer’s information as usual.  Then choose “Custom Fields” from the menu on the right side.



2 Choose the “Add” button on the right.



3 Enter the Field Name and Choose a Field Type from the drop down menu.



4 Then add the Customer’s information into the new field(s) and click “Save”



5 Now the new Custom Field has been added.




New Nova Alerts

We have added some new alert options to keep you even more in the loop on what’s happening in your business.

Option A You’ve always had the option to receive alerts about Exchanges or Refunds, but how about when someone has finished paying off a Layaway?

Option B Now that we’ve added an option to not only Send or Receive Inventory Transfers but also the ability to Request Inventory….how about an alert for a Store or Storage Manager when someone requests items for their Location?

1 On the Management Screen, select Locations > Settings, open your location.

2 Choose the “Extra Features” tab on the top of the screen and click on Nova Alerts.



Option A

Scroll to “User Has Completed a Layaway Notification.” Choose your name and alert preference.



Option B

Scroll to “Transfer request notification” and choose the users who should be alerted in the event of a Transfer Request.



Automatic Sign Out for Inactive Users

Lets say you fire your Store Manager but there is the possibility that he is still logged into Nova on his home computer.

Now when you make a User “Inactive”, within an hour Nova will automatically kick them out.

1 On the Management Screen in User > Settings, click Edit User next to the User you would like to make “Inactive.”

2 Uncheck the box next to “Active User” and click save. This will make them “Inactive” immediately. Within an hour they will be logged out of any other Location running Nova with your Account.