Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

Adding Pictures to Categories

To add a picture to a Category: From the Management Screen choose the “Products” Icon and then select “Categories” Right click on a Category and choose “Add Picture”   Click “Browse” and select a photo from your picture library then click “Save”   Here is an example of what it will look like:

Attaching a File or Picture to an Invoice

Tip: Up to 3 Files or Pictures may be attached per sale in any combination. Files may be in any format. During a sale, after the payment method is chosen and the payment has been received, the “Attach Files” icon will appear in the right corner. Click it.   Two options will be given, “Attach Files” and “Take a Picture.”   Options: Option 1: Attach Files Click “Attach Files” and select either a file or picture from your windows explorer and click “Open.”   Then click “Upload”   The file or files should now be attached and be visible.   Read more