Inventory Count – By Item

How to complete an Inventory Count by item:

1 At the top of the Sales screen, click on the “Inventory” icon.


2 In the Inventory Management screen, click on the “View Inventory By Item” tab



There are 3 different ways the Inventory may look depending on how the Manager has set it up. The Count Column is always located in either the last 1 or 2 columns on the right.



A. In option A. the Inventory quantities are hidden, so in the “Count Column” simply scan or manually enter the quantity that has been counted. Then click “Submit Count.”



B. In option B. scan or manually enter the quantities into the “Count” column and the “Count Status” column will tell if the quantity is “OK” meaning the quantity counted matches the actual quantity or “Error” meaning the quantity counted does not match the actual quantity. When finished click “Submit Count.”



C. In option C. the actual Quantity is visible. Scan or manually enter the quantities counted into the “Count” column. When finished click “Submit Count.”



Tip: Settings for Inventory Counts may be changed by a Manager on the Management Screen under Location Settings – Location Preferences