January 2016

New Features and Improvements, January 2016:


Pictures can now be added to product categories.


To add a picture to a Category:

1 From the Management Screen choose the “Products” Icon and then select “Categories”

2 Right click on a Category and choose “Add Picture”

add picture

3 Click “Browse” and select a photo from your picture library then click “Save”



Product Commissions may now be Negative

Got a product that sells itself? How about a product that already has a low markup?

This is a good way to encourage employees to sell the other items in your store.

1 On the Management Screen choose the “Products” icon and then click “Settings”

2 Choose the Product and then click the edit button.

3 Once the product is open, scroll down to the Pricing section.



4 Under “Commission Policy” choose “Extra Commission” from the drop down menu

5 Then enter a Negative number into the % box either manually or by clicking the down arrow.

6 Click Save


Sales can now be split between 3 or more employees unevenly

Do you have 3 or more employees who need to split up a sale ?

You now have more control to customize the sale to fit your business needs right on the Sales Screen!

1 While completing a sale, highlight the employees who will get credit as normal.

2 Click directly in the “Amount for commission” boxes highlighted in yellow and change the numbers to fit your needs



Tip: Numbers will still need to add up to the sale total 



  • Improved Camera Quality when taking a picture on the Sales Screen and attaching it to an invoice.

Images can be saved in HD resolution and are only limited by the quality of your camera.

Tip: This option is available when completing a sale, in the Receive Payment box choose “Attach Files” then “Take a picture”

  • New Update Screen! – When a new update becomes available you will see the release notes featured in a newly designed screen.

      You will have the option to download the update now or later.

Tip: When there is a new update the update box will pop up automatically upon starting or restarting Nova

  • In Salary Report if you select “Show All Regions” you may now see All Check Ins and Check Outs.

Tip: Salary Report is located on the Manager’s Screen and the “Show All Regions” box is at the top of the report next to the date range.

  • In Salary Report under Hours and Hourly Salary there is an option to add a column for Social Security # or ID.

Tip: Right click on the dark grey line which says “Employee ID”, then select “Column Chooser” and then click “SSN/ID”