What is the Spare?

The Spare is the difference in value between the Product Markup Price (the retail price/normal price you sell it for) and the Product Minimum Price (the lowest you allow your employees to sell it for).

The Spare is primarily used for negotiating on a product or sale price with a customer or giving a discount.

This is set up on the Manager’s Side when creating a Non-Fixed Price Product



On the Sales Screen once you’ve selected a product your Markup Price is listed as Price Per Item.  Your Minimum Price can be found hidden inside the barcode. It is inside in the barcode so that it will not be noticed by the customer however it is still visible to the Employee.




Once the Product has been added to the Shopping Cart the difference between your Minimum Price and Markup Price or “The Spare” can be found in the top left corner of the Shopping Cart.




Tip: The more Non-Fixed Price items added to the Shopping Cart the larger the Spare for that sale will become.

Now that your products are in the shopping cart either all of the Spare or part of it can be used to give a Discount and/or to give a Gift Card to the Customer so they will come back again to spend more money.


Keep in mind each time money from the Spare is used to give a Gift Card or Discount the Spare amount will go down.

For tips on using the Spare to Create a Gift Card or Discount please visit the Giving a Gift Card for Free and

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