Assigning a Role / Dividing a Sale by Percentage

Assigning a Role and Splitting a Sale by Percentage

For information on Splitting Commissions by Exact Amounts please visit Editing Commissions/Splitting a Sale Unevenly


1 On the Receive Payment Screen choose the Users involved in the sale by clicking on their names.

The border around their name should highlight in Blue.



2 Next, click on the empty box next to one of the Users names.



3 Choose a Role, either “Greeter” or “Trainer”, then enter the percentage amount this user will receive for this sale.

Tip: It does not matter which person is the Greeter or Trainer, you may choose whatever makes the most sense for you.



4 Now Avi is receiving 70% and Natali automatically receives the other 30%.

Tip: You may split the sale between more than just 2 Users. Select as many Users as needed.


Note: Once you have added a role to a User, that Role will remain active for all future Sales until manually removed. This can work to your advantage if you have a manager or someone who needs to receive a percentage of every sale.  To remove a role click on the Role box again and unselect “Greeter” or “Trainer” then select “User” instead.


If you need to split a commission with a User who is not checked in today, simply click the “Not on that list?” button and choose the User’s name.