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Store Credits and Gift Card Management

From the Manager Screen choose “Accounting.” Choose “Store Credit.” Select a desired date range. Click “Reload.”

Editing Commissions / Splitting a Sale Unevenly

How to Edit Commissions during or after a sale and Split Commissions Unevenly  For information on assigning User Roles or splitting a sale by percentage go to Assigning a Role/Dividing a Sale by Percentage   Once on the Receive Payment Screen choose the employee(s) that partook in the sale by click on their names. You will see the box around their names highlight with a blue border. This will split the sale evenly between the selected employees.   To split the sale manually into specific amounts, click directly in the “Amount for commission” boxes highlighted in yellow and change the numbers Read more

Error Message When Card is Swiped

Make sure you swipe the card correctly with the magnetic strip facing the correct side. Verify that there are funds in the account being used. Verify that the merchant information is correct via the manager screen under “Locations” and then “Settings.” Locate the location and press “Edit”, then click on the “Merchant Services” tab. Verify that your Internet is working and you are not in offline mode. Download drivers again from the main page under settings.

Copying Inventory Capacities

From the Manager Screen choose “Inventory.” Choose “Management.” Select your location. Click “Load Inventory.” Select the location’s name you would like to copy capacities from under Copy Capacities: drop down box. Click on “Copy.” Click “Yes.”

Sales Below the Minimum Price

There are 3 methods for approving a sale below the minimum price.   Sign in as a manager to approve the sale.  Attach a previous invoice to the sale and use the “spare” amount from the invoice to make up for the price difference.   Send a Request to the Manager by Phone or E-mail to approve the Sale. Tip: For help setting up Option C. Click Here.

Touch Screen is Not Working

Press “Start.” Under programs, choose “Touch Pad” and then “Touch Tool.” Under the General tab press “9 pts. Linearization” or under the Advance tab press “25 pts. Linearization.” Follow the instruction on the screen.

Updating The Inventory

From the Manager Screen choose “Inventory”. Choose “Management”. Select the Region you want to update products from.  Select the Location  Click “Load Inventory” Select the third tab from the left, “Update Inventory”. By default, you will only see products with inventory at the chosen location. Click on “Quantity To Add/Remove” to update quantities. As shown in the example below: Product ID 3 we are Adding an additional 2 more Milk Cleansers to the current quantity. Product ID 8 we are Removing 1 eye serum from the current quantity. For any products that do not need an inventory update, just skip over Read more

View Employees’ Breaks

You have two options: Option 1 From the Manager screen, choose “Users” and then “Reports.” Select the employee, choose the desired dates (From Date → To Date) and click the “Load” icon. From the optional tabs, click “Hours.” Edit existing hours or to add a new day, click the “Add a day” link and enter in the hours. Option 2 Either from the Manager screen or from the Sales screen choose “The Real-Time Dashboard.” Choose the region (or check-mark “Show All Regions”) and choose the desired date. You can see all employees checked in, under “Who is at work” (You Read more

Changing an Employee’s Password

From the Manager screen, choose “Users” and then “Settings.” Locate the employee you want to edit and press “Edit User” (Make sure “Active User” is checked at the top right-hand corner). Under “User Information”, make the necessary changes to the employee’s password and press “Save.”

Activating/Deactivating Products

From the Manager Screen, choose “Products” and then “Settings.” If the product is currently inactive – make sure the box indicating “Active Product” is checked – locate your product (You may use the search option) and press “Edit.” To change a product to inactive, make sure box indicting “Active Product” is unchecked and press “Save” – product will now be Inactive.