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Viewing Location Reports

From the manager’s screen, choose “Location.” Choose “Reports.” Select date range. Click on “Load.”

Benefits of Using CRM

Collect as much information as possible! Top priority is email and phone number. Create promotional email campaigns with customer specific coupons based on purchase history. Send your best customers a coupon code to keep them coming back!

Downloading Nova

To download NovaPOS, simply launch your browser and go to

Setting Up My Hardware

Make sure to plug your computer to a power outlet. Connect the keyboard and mouse to your computer. Plug the cash drawer to your printer (cable from cash drawer to printer looks similar to a phone cable). Connect the printer to your computer’s USB port. Connect your printer to a power outlet. Connect your card swiper to your computer’s USB port. Plug in other peripherals to your computer such as: fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, signature pad, etc. (if not enough USB ports on computer, it may be necessary to acquire a USB HUB). Drivers for the printer, fingerprint reader, card swiper, Read more

Finding Customers in the CRM

From the Sales screen select the “CRM” icon on the bottom of the page. Enter customer’s first name/last name/email or phone number then click “Search.” Tip: You must type at least 4 characters into the search bar.   Select customer’s name and click “Open.”  

Editing Customers in the CRM

To edit customer information in the CRM: From the Manager screen, choose “Customers” and then “Management.” Locate the customer you want to edit and press “Open Customer” (You may use the search option). Make the necessary changes and press “Save.”  

Enabling Layaways and Layaway Settings

From the Manager screen, go to “Customers” and then “Layaways.” Click on the “Layaway Settings” icon at the top-right of screen. Layaway Options Enter in the “Minimum payment required” amount. Enter how many days to typically give your customers to pay off a layaway. Check the box if you would like the employee creating the layaway to have the option to change the expiration date. You may enter a Layaway Disclaimer which will be printed on the layaway receipt. Check all of the location boxes where layaway payments will be allowed to be taken. Click “Save.” Go to the Sales Read more

Making a Refund

There are 2 options to make a refund: Option 1 At the top of the Sales screen, click the “Receipts” icon. Enter the invoice number end press “Search.”   Click on the ‘Refund’ icon. Choose between “Refund Entire Invoice” and “Refund Some Products.”  If a refund is being issued on the Entire Invoice the “Available Items” will automatically be transferred to the “Items to Refund” area, Simply click “Next.”   If a refund is only being issued on Some Products, select the products using the arrow buttons in the middle to refund, then click “Next.”   Choose the payment method Read more

Setting the Minimum Price

From the Sales screen, choose “Products” and then “Settings.” Locate the product you want to set a minimum price for and press “Edit.” Scroll down to “Product Price” to set the product’s minimum price and click “Save.”

View or Edit Employees’ Work Hours

From the Manager screen choose “Users.” Choose “Reports.” Next to “Selected User,” choose an employee name. Choose your date range. Click on the “Load” icon. .   To Add or Edit an Employee’s hours, follow the directions below: First click the “Add a Day” button. Next choose the Date, number of hours, and location. Then click the “Add” button.  You will see the information added to the “Hours and Hourly Salary by Day” box. Now click “Add Check in/out.” Now enter in either a Clock In Time, Clock Out Time, or both depending on your needs. Then click “Add.” Be Read more