Transferring Inventory

1 From the manager screen, choose “Inventory”, then “Transfers”.

Tip: Transfers may also be accessed through Inventory Management > Update Inventory.


2 Click the “create a new transfer” icon in the upper right corner.


3 Select the appropriate “source” and “destination” locations for the transfer.

4 Click the radio buttons to either “Update the destination right now” or “Update the destination only when the inventory is received and counted.”



5 Click “Load Inventory” or locate the items to transfer by using the “search” tool.

6 Enter in a quantity to transfer for the items that need to be transferred.


  • Source Quantity – The number of that product at the starting location.
  • Destination Quantity – The number of that product at location you are sending it to.
  • Destination Missing Quantity – Nova is suggesting how many to order to get back up to your Inventory’s “Full Capacity.”
  • Quantity To Transfer – Here you enter the number you actually want to transfer.

7 Click “Send.”