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View Sales by Payment Methods

From the Manager Screen choose Accounting > Payments.   Select your desired date range. Then click the “Load” button.

Print Signatures & Fingerprints

From the Manager Screen, choose “Accounting” and then “Payments.” Choose the desired dates (From date → To Date) and then press “Load Invoices.” Locate the invoice you want to print the signature for, and press “Print Signature” or “Print Fingerprint”.

Setting Up My Location

From the Manager Screen choose “Locations.” Choose “Settings.”   Choose your location from the list and click on “Edit Location.”   Start under Location Information tab. Fill in all the information about your location (Address, Mall Name, Tax Info). This information will appear on your receipt.   Move to Location Preferences and check the boxes that correspond to your location.   Move to Merchant Services tab and choose between an external credit card machine or a built in credit card reader and fill out the information from your merchant service provider.   Move to Extra Features tab. Under the Nova Read more

Opening the Store

From the Sales Screen, choose option “Clock In/Out.” Select option “Check In.” Select the Employee name from the list and click “Sign In.” From the Sales Screen, select “Cash Drawer” and sign in with you employee name. Select “Cash Count.” Count the cash amount that you would like to start your day with or if you left money in the drawer the night before you may count that too. Click “Submit” when you are done. Tip: You may either count out each individual coin or bill and enter it in the corresponding space or simply type the total into the Read more

Adding Products

From the Manager Screen, choose “Products” and then “Settings.” Press “Add New Product” (Located top right corner).   Fill in the relevant Product Information. Next, fill out the Product Pricing information.   Finally check the boxes next to each location that will have this product and enter the inventory quantities.  Then click “Save.”

Deleting Products from All Locations

From the Manager Screen, choose “Products” and then choose “Settings.” Select the product you would like to remove than click on “Edit.” Uncheck “Active Product” box on top right corner and click “Save.” From the Manager Screen go to “Inventory” and then “Management.” Click on “View Inventory.” Select the product you would like to remove and choose “Remove Product.” Repeat steps for all the locations in your company.

Closing the Store

  Print End of Day Report From the Sale Screen choose the option “Reports.” Press “Print End of Day Report” in the upper right corner. Note: Pressing “Print End of Day Report” does not create a batch or “Z” (close your day), so you may print this report as many times as you would like. Nova system will automatically “Z” (close your day) and create a batch every day at 12:01 am.   Tip: When printing the End of Day Report, Nova will automatically open Cash Drawer options to allow for Taking Money Out. Take Money Out Select option “Take Read more

Adding Pictures to Products

From the Manager Screen, choose “Products” and then choose “Settings.” Go to the desired product and click on “Edit.” Under product information click on “Change Picture.” Go to the picture folder on your computer that contains the product picture you have downloaded, and choose the picture that you want. Click on “Save” when done.

Making a Sale

On the sales screen, select the product you would like to sell. Then enter the quantity to sell and click “Add” to add the item to the shopping cart. Click “Complete Sale.” Now select the employee who performed the sale or click on “Select All” to select all of them. Choose the method of payment the customer is using. Click “Print”, “Email” or “Print and Email.”  

Viewing Location Reports

From the manager’s screen, choose “Location.” Choose “Reports.” Select date range. Click on “Load.”