Closing the Store


Print End of Day Report

1 From the Sale Screen choose the option “Reports.”


2 Press “Print End of Day Report” in the upper right corner.


Note: Pressing “Print End of Day Report” does not create a batch or “Z” (close your day), so you may print this report as many times as you would like. Nova system will automatically “Z” (close your day) and create a batch every day at 12:01 am.


Tip: When printing the End of Day Report, Nova will automatically open Cash Drawer options to allow for Taking Money Out.

Take Money Out

3 Select option “Take Money Out.”


4 Select amount to take out either by counting out the number of each bill/coin in the drawer or simply type the amount into the “Amount to take out” box and press “Submit.”


Tip: You may either take everything out of the drawer in which case in the “Amount to take out” box enter the total of what is in the drawer, or leave some money in for the next day by entering into the “Amount to take out” box everything except for the money being left in for the next day.


Clocking Out


5 From the Sales Screen, choose option “Clock In/Out.”


6 Select option “Check Out.”


7 Select the Employee name from the list and click “Sign In.”