What to Do When a Credit Card is Swiped via Nova Merchant and the Screen Freezes

1 If an approval number was not generated via the merchant (using Nova Credit Card swiper), then the transaction did not go through. Redo the sale.
2 If an approval number was generated via the merchant, than the transaction did go through, but it was not registered in Nova nor was an invoice created (Remember, all sales in Nova are complete only after you press “Sale Complete”).

Remember to write down the approval number on a piece of paper.
3 Unfreeze the screen (Either by restarting Nova or restarting your PC); you will need to redo the sale on Nova. Choose option “External Credit Card” and enter approval code you got before the screen froze. Nova will now make the necessary deduction from inventory, give the correct employee commission and of course update your Profit/Lost Report.