View or Edit Employees’ Work Hours

1 From the Manager screen choose “Users.”
2 Choose “Reports.”


3 Next to “Selected User,” choose an employee name.
4 Choose your date range.
5 Click on the “Load” icon.



To Add or Edit an Employee’s hours, follow the directions below:

3. First click the “Add a Day” button. Next choose the Date, number of hours, and location. Then click the “Add” button.


4.  You will see the information added to the “Hours and Hourly Salary by Day” box. Now click “Add Check in/out.”


5. Now enter in either a Clock In Time, Clock Out Time, or both depending on your needs. Then click “Add.”


6. Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button in the right corner.



To change or edit hours/times, simply click inside the boxes you’d like to edit and change the hours or times.