Setting Up Text Message / Email / App Alerts

1 From the Manager screen choose “Locations” and then choose “Settings.”


2 Click “Edit Location” for the location that you wish to edit.


3 Under the “Extra Features” tab, choose “Nova Alerts.”


4 Select a user from the list or add a user.
5 Check the box for the method you would like to receive your alert.
6 Click the pencil icon to edit the user’s contact info. i.e. user’s email, phone number and mobile carrier.


Tip: If you are not able to check the iPhone App option, you most likely have not logged into the App as that User before.  

Log into the App and then restart Nova.  For information on Downloading and Logging into the App Click Here.

7 Click “Test” to verify it works.

8 Click “Save.”



More Tips:

a. Add multiple Users to each alert by click the “add user” button at the bottom of each alert.

b. Fill in the same User info for all alerts by clicking “use this number for all alerts” at the top of the page.

c. Copy the alerts from another location where you’ve already filled them out at the top of the page.