Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

View All End of Day Reports

From the Manager Screen, choose “Location” and then “End of Day Reports.” Select the location name and the date. Click on the “load” icon to view report.

Giving Discounts

Here are two ways to give a discount: Option #1 On the Sales Screen, select a product, then click on the “Discount” icon. Tip: a discount may also be given by manually lowering the price in the “Price per item” box.   Choose either the percentage or dollar icon and enter your discount value       Option #2 On the Sales screen, first add the selected items to the shopping cart. Press the “Discount” icon (located on the bottom-right of screen). Choose discount type (percentage or dollar). Enter the discount value and press “Add”. You will now see the Read more

Reporting a Tester or Damaged product

There are 2 options for reporting a Tester, Damaged, or Lost item. Option 1 On the sales screen, choose “Inventory.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”   Option 2 On the Manager’s Screen, choose “Inventory and Management.” Choose the tab “Report a Tester/Damage.” Fill in the details of the product and press on “Report Loss.”

Setting up Product Commissions

From the Manager Screen choose “Products” and then choose “Settings.” Either create a new product or edit a current one. Scroll down to Commission Policy. Here you will have 3 Options: Regular Commission – This is the default setting, this means whatever you have set your employees to receive for commission(Steps, Flat, etc.) in Users Settings that is what they will receive. No Commission – This means no commission is given when this specific product is sold. Extra Commission – This is the Product Commission. Simply fill out the commission percentage amount which should be given when this product is Read more

Editing an Employee’s Salary

From the Manager screen, choose “Users.” Choose “Reports.” Select an employee from the drop down box. Select desired date range. Click “Load” icon. Edit the employee’s hours, deductions, and reimbursements as needed.

View Testers and Losses

From the Manager Screen, choose Inventory > View Testers and Losses.   Select your desired date range and click on the load icon.

Creating a Gift Card

On the Sales screen, press the “Gift Cards” icon (located on the bottom of screen). Choose “Sell a Gift Card.” Enter a gift card value and a gift card price and press “Add.” Gift card will print at the end of sale with a unique code.

Adding Categories to Products

From the Manager screen, choose “Products” and then “Settings.” Locate the product you would like to edit (You may use the search option) and press “Edit.” Click the “Edit Available Categories” link. Add a category name in the field that says “Add a category”, click the green, plus-sign to add and then click “OK.” Select the newly created category and press “Save.”

View Changes to Inventory Report

You have two options: Option 1 From the Manager screen, choose “Inventory” and then “View Changes.” Choose the region (at the top of the screen) and the desired date range (From date → To Date), then press the “load” icon. Option 2 From The Real-Time Dashboard, choose the region (or check-mark “Show all regions”) and the desired date. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view “Inventory Changes.”

Managing All Salaries at Once

From the Manager Screen, choose Users > Salary Report   Select desired date range and click load.   Select a specific employee from the list and click “Open.”     Optionally see a breakdown of “salary by location” per User by clicking on the arrow in column 1 of the Summary Report.