Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

Creating a Coupon

On the Manager screen choose “Products” and then “Coupons.”   If the coupon has already been created, choose it from the list. If not, press “Add New Coupon.”   Choose your desired coupon time, Items or Total Sale.  Then create a Coupon Name, Code, and Expiration Date.   Choose your products/categories, then pick Sales Discount or Percentage Discount and fill in the discount amount. Offering a Store Credit is like adding a new spare to the sale and can be used to offer.   You can now use the coupon on the Sales screen.

Comparing Products

From the Manager screen, choose “Products”, then “Compare Products.” Choose the desired dates ( From date→ To Date) and then click the “Load” icon to view the report. Click on the “Click here to select data to view” link to view additional report columns.

Adding a Fine to an Employee

From the Manager screen, choose “Users” and then “Reports”. Be sure you are in the appropriate region where the employee works (at the top of screen). Choose the employee, and the desired dates, (From date → To Date) and then click the “Load” icon. Under the “Deductions” tab click on the “Add a recurring deduction” link. Fill in the description and amount of the fine and press the “Add recurring deduction” button, then click “Save Changes” to the right. You may also edit available deductions for easy use in the future by clicking “Add a saved deduction”. Click on “Edit Read more

Linking Existing Barcodes

Login to Managers Screen. Choose “Products.” Choose “Settings.” Select the product and choose “Edit.” Under Barcode 1, type in the product’s barcode. Click “Save.”

Installing the Credit Card Reader

Connect the credit card reader into a USB port on your computer. From the login screen, choose “Settings.” Choose “Card Reader Drivers.”   The download should start automatically.  Click “Ok” when done.

Editing a Product’s Details

From the Manager Screen choose “Products” and then choose “Settings.” Go to the desired product and click on “Edit.” Under product information edit the product’s information and price. Click on “Save” when done.

Printing the End of Day Report

There are 2 options to print the End of Day Report Option 1 From the Sales screen choose “Reports.” Make sure the location name and the date are correct. Choose “Print End of Day” from the top right corner. Option 2 From the Manager screen choose “Locations” and then “End of Day Reports.” Choose “Print End of Day” from the top right corner.

Using a Coupon

On the sales screen, first add the selected items to the shopping cart. Then click the “Coupons” icon and scan/enter the coupon code or select the coupon from the list. The coupon will be applied to the applicable products on the shopping cart. Complete the sale.

Installing Cameras for My Location

Initial camera setup can be performed by our Tech Support Team – by appointment only and includes a service fee. Call 1-888-370-NOVA(6682).

Colors of the Transfer Screen

White – Transfers received or cancelled. Yellow- Inventory Transfers sent from one location to another. Red- An in-discrepancy between quantities sent and quantities received.